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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Dawn breaks, and the sun zooms over the horizon just like it does in L.A. Story. Wesley broods in his office some more. He stares at little Connor in his crib. A knock on the counter interrupts him. It's Aubrey, there to thank him for killing that vamp nest and pay them for their work. So now Angel Investigations is charging for revenge as well? She hands over a check and tells him she's glad those monsters won't take anybody else's son. Wesley puts the check in a desk drawer and mentions that he doesn't recall ever saying there was more than one vampire. Aubrey recovers by pointing out that Wesley told her there could be a nest. After some receipt business, Aubrey asks Wesley if he's okay. She says he looks a little rough around the edges. Wesley tells her that he hasn't been sleeping well. Aubrey then invites him out for a cup of coffee. Wesley looks a bit gobsmacked. Aubrey continues that she could use a friend right now because little Timmy's all dead and she's so very, very lonely. Wesley responds, "You're good. I liked the 'lonely' thing." Aubrey is confused at Wesley's response. Behind her, Angel says, "Yeah, 'lonely.' That was a nice touch." Angel is wearing exactly the same purple shirt I wore the first time I ever went to a gay bar.

Aubrey's response is immediate: She pulls a stake out of her handbag, spins around, and tries to dust Angel. Angel knocks it out of her hand and pins her against a desk. Angel accuses Aubrey of setting up an ambush and trying to kill his friends. Aubrey responds that Angel's friends are still alive, but her little Timmy is dead. Though Aubrey's little story was a lie, she did indeed lose her son to vampires. Angel lets her go. The guys figure out that Holtz found her and recruited her because of what happened to her son. They try to get confirmation from Aubrey, but they won't answer her questions. Angel tells Aubrey, "You're right to protect him. Holtz is one of the good guys. He has every reason to hate me. And if he ever comes close to any of my people ever again, or tries to touch a hair on my son's head, I'll kill him, and anybody who tries to get in my way. You might want to mention that." Aubrey runs out, frightened. Right after she leaves, a very brief tremor jostles the lobby. Angel picks up Connor and wanders off to record baby's first earthquake in his scrapbook. Wesley stares after them. Whenever Wesley is in a scene with Angel, just assume that Wesley is staring at him.

Back at the plantation, Holtz is watching the tape of the carousel fight, amazed that a little slip of a girl like Fred saves the day. He doesn't realize yet that Fred can do anything. know. Holtz points out that Fred was willing to die rather than abandon Gunn. He tells the gathered Holtz's Heroes that they, too, must be willing to die for their cause, "but more so." How exactly is one's willingness to die measured? It's like pregnancy. You either are or you aren't. And another thing that remains unanswered is why the hell would all these people be willing to die just to help Holtz get revenge against Angel. What's in it for them? Is he going to help them get back at the vampires who killed their loved ones later? Holtz tells the Heroes to study the tape carefully, because they may be fighting Gunn and Fred soon. Then he hears footsteps and purrs that they might be fighting sooner than expected.

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