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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Aubrey has returned to the group. Holtz approaches her and instantly realizes from her expression that her cover has been blown. Somebody will be getting some icepick acupuncture later. Aubrey apologizes, but Holtz says that's not important. He is, however, annoyed that she allowed herself to be followed. We hear Wesley's voice telling Holtz not to blame her. We pan over to see Wesley standing at the entrance to their lair. He says, "I would have found you eventually." Only if Holtz's address was written on some two-thousand-year-old scroll, you big liar.

We return from commercials where we left off. A rather large man menaces Wesley with a knife, suggesting that they cut Wesley's tongue out and send it back to "Angelus." That would probably only increase the proportions of Wesley's dual martyr/savior complexes. As the man approaches, Wesley lashes out and punches him in the throat. The man goes down, gagging. Wesley looks at the gathered vigilantes and says, "I didn't come here to fight." Well, that's good, because he'd totally get his ass kicked. He insists that he's not their enemy. He tells them they're fighting the wrong man. Holtz asks, "Angelus?" Wesley corrects him that the guy's name is "Angel." Wesley points out that Angel has a soul now and is a "good man." Holtz is aware of Angel's new soul and recognizes that Angel is capable of feeling the pain of his past evils. He thinks that the gypsies were very creative in the curse they put on Angelus, but thinks they stopped short of actual justice. Holtz wants to correct that mistake. Wesley's complexes speak up and invite Holtz to kill him instead. He claims that he's as much responsible for Angelus's actions as Angel is. Holtz purrs out the list of the crimes against his family (wife raped and murdered, infant son killed, young daughter vamped), and asks Wesley whether Angel's responsible for these acts. Holtz says that Angelus is a part of Angel and will re-emerge at some point. Holtz theorizes that Wesley already is aware of this possibility, and that's why he has come to their lair. It seems that Aubrey (or somebody) had infiltrated the Hyperion more than Wesley and Angel had realized: Holtz knows about the prophecy Wesley has translated. Holtz tells Wesley that as long as Connor remains with the demon, Connor's not safe. Wesley sarcastically observes that he thought this was all a vendetta when, really, all Holtz wants to do is protect Connor. Holtz asks, "You don't believe me?" Wesley responds, "Hmm...not sure, really. Could be the low, scary voice that's giving me trouble." Oh, you only wish you had a voice like Holtz's. Holtz says his army is growing, and that if Wesley and the others stand against him in this war, there will be a bloodbath. Wesley points out that this isn't a war -- it's revenge. Justine points out that revenge is all some of them have left. Because remembering your loved ones fondly, yet continuing on with your life is the pussy's way out. Wesley tries to go for empathy, saying he can't know what it's been like for these people, but Holtz interrupts him to purr, "You might." He walks up to Wesley to look him in the eye and says, "When I put my son's body into the ground, I had to open the coffin, just to know he really was in there. You also may discover that a child's coffin, Mr. Wyndham-Pryce -- it weighs nothing." So when Connor turns evil and dies, we can play beach volleyball with it.

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