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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Blipverts lead us to The Diner of Fred and Gunn's Not-So-Much- Forbidden-As-Slightly- Frowned-Upon Love. Fred asks Gunn if he's feeling okay because he's hardly touched his food. He says he's fine. He sets down his fork and tells Fred he's been thinking about what happened yesterday. He's not mad at Wesley anymore and wonders if perhaps they shouldn't be involved. As if Wes wouldn't be all over Fred like a wet t-shirt on a drunken sorority girl at a Daytona Beach spring break party if Gunn weren't in the picture. Fred worries that Gunn has changed his mind and tells him that they just have to keep things separate. She points out that they learned a lesson when a plant demon sucked them underground. And that lesson was never to underestimate what sort of ludicrousness the writers might throw at you next. Gunn worries that they won't be able to manage an office romance. God, I'm so bored. Check? Can I get a check here? Gunn gives the carousel incident as an example of the relationship clouding their judgment. The relationship had nothing to do with your decision to take on an unknown number of vampires on your own. Except for that part where Fred sucked you dry of your sense of self-preservation. Fred wonders what would happen if Wesley made them choose. I reiterate: Is he going to fire them? Is there an office manual where employee guidelines are documented? Tell him to go screw himself. More so than he usually does. Anyway, Gunn responds that he's been fighting demons all his life, and he's never known anything else. But if he's forced to choose, he'd choose Fred. Awww. Now if they only had even a drop of chemistry. Gunn has to sling one last anvil at us before the scene ends. He tells Fred not to worry about Wesley: "He'll do the right thing. He always does."

Back at the hotel, Wesley sulks and broods as he trudges down a hallway. He knocks on the door to Angel's room. Angel calls Wesley in as he puts little Connor to rest in his crib. Angel asks Wesley how he's doing as he heats up some milk for Connor on a gas stove. Wesley says he's had better days. Again, Angel totally fails to push the issue to find out what's bothering Wesley. The writers attempt to foist off some last-minute explanation as to how Angel could tell Aubrey was infiltrating for Holtz. He saw her pain and rage and realized that if something like that had happened to Connor, he'd do the same thing. He'd join up with some guy who wanted to get revenge on a totally different and unrelated vampire and infiltrate some hotel to get information about how everybody in there does good deeds and plot to kill them anyway? Nice try, but no. Angel reiterates for the millionth time how much he loves Connor, trying to make up for all the people who hate him. It doesn't work. Wesley points out that love can be a terrible thing. That's certainly the case with Angel. Angel ignores the hint, though, and blathers that he used to feel that way too, but the pain and fear that normally goes along with love in Angel's case just isn't there with Connor. And that's supposed to be good? That Angel's not even worried about experiencing a moment of perfect happiness anymore?

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