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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Wesley starts to giggle at Angel's comments. Angel wants to know what's so funny. Wesley chuckles and smiles and tells Angel that life is funny and listening to "stupid people talk to burgers" is funny. I guess he's decided to dismiss the prophecies altogether. Or he's just finally flipped. Angel laughs along, even though he totally doesn't get the joke, as he checks on Connor's milk. Wesley gives Angel an intense, yearning look that would earn the Gayest Look of the Episode Award if this were Smallville, and tells Angel that it's all so funny and beautiful.

And then an earthquake hits -- caused by a mysterious rain of anvils, I'm guessing. This is a big one: cabinets open up and things fall down.

We cut to Lilah's office. Her clients are freaking out, but Lilah just sits there, looking slightly bemused.

At Holtz's plantation, random Heroes run about.

Back in Angel's room, the earthquake causes the stove to fall over and explode, creating a huge fireball that sends Angel flying across the room. Part of the roof falls down, flaming, separating Angel and Connor from Wesley and the room's exit.

Back at the plantation, Holtz runs over to push Justine out of the way of a falling cabinet. The two of them land on the floor together, Holtz on top of Justine, and share A Look.

Back at the hotel, Angel gathers up Connor in a blanket and leaps to safety over a fire burning in the center of his room. Wesley's just staring at the fire. Angel actually has to run back into the room and pull Wesley into the hallway before the ceiling collapses on them. Then they all just hang out in the hallway as if it's the safest place in the world to be right now. There's no way that raging fire can get through those plaster walls and wooden door. Angel has a huge gash on his forehead, and as Wesley watches in horror, drops of blood spatter all over Connor's blanket, which is dyed sky blue with white clouds. So all three portents came true in a matter of seconds. Angel tries to calm Connor and tells Wesley that he was afraid that he'd get trapped in there. Then, in a slight smirk and a somewhat ambiguous tone, he tells Wesley, "At least I would have had something to snack on." Wesley looks at Angel with -- wait for it -- horror. Was it a really, really bad joke, or is Angelus finding his way back out? You'll just have to wait to find out.

Next week: Wesley decides to take Connor out for a ride, and everybody panics.

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