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Wesley vs. Darth Burger

Then we cut to this same woman, giving a presentation to a group of people in a dimly lit room. She has shrugged off all vestiges of grieving motherness. She's describing our three featured MoG members this episode: Wesley, Gunn, and Fred. She describes Wesley as the leader who hands out assignments and specializes in book research. Fred is the science expert. The woman's not sure if Fred's any good as a fighter. Gunn serves as the tough guy. She describes Gunn as impulsive and suggests they can use that in the future. I don't know how she figured out any of this other than Wesley's role as the leader based on her previous visit. Among the crew listening to the woman are Justine and, for some reason, Steve Zahn. No, wait. We get a close-up of him, and it's actually Holtz, who has shaved off his facial hair. Holtz tells the woman (whose name we finally learn is Aubrey) that she did good work. Aubrey thanks him and calls him "boss." As we cut away to commercial, I realize that this scene might have been more surprising if they hadn't revealed this all in the basic episode description two weeks ago.

Poor Josh Hartnett has to go forty days without sex. I want to kill him and everybody involved with that movie. Each and every one.

So it seems that somehow Holtz has found a gothic plantation house in the middle of Los Angeles, and that's where he's training his troops. Two of Holtz's Heroes train by fighting a partially chained vampire with sticks. Three other vampires are chained to a wall. Justine chats with Holtz as he reads over whatever plans he's devised to do...whatever the freaking hell he's planning to do. Justine wonders why the MoG would voluntarily work with a vampire. Holtz points out to her that he accepted help from a demon in order to seek revenge on Angel. Justine's all, "Yeah, but that's different," or whatever. Holtz theorizes that the MoG have their own "misguided reasons" for helping Angel, and says that things aren't always in black and white. Justine asks, "But what about Angelus?" Holtz confidently responds, "He's evil." I love Keith Szarabajka's voice. I wish he had been cast as Ira Gaines on 24, just so we could hear him and Kiefer purr at each other as adversaries.

As Justine and Holtz are expositioning, the fighting vampire manages to break his leg chains and starts beating down the trainees. Justine sees it and rushes over to inflict some Anti-Slayer Fu on him. This was a poorly edited sequence. The first couple of times I watched it, I thought that one of the other chained vampires had broken free, leaving them with two vampires to deal with. After Justine impaled the vampire to the ground with a sword and ordered Holtz's Heroes to get some chains back on him, I thought, "But what about that first vampire they were fighting?" But it was just one vampire. Just in case you thought the same thing. After Justine's done, Holtz purrs at her, "I knew you were meant for this." He tells her that they need to get moving because "events are happening more quickly than [he] had hoped."

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