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And Baby Makes...a Dozen?

Holtz looks over the weapons cabinet and grabs a stake as he wonders out loud how he can lure Darla to the Hyperion. Meanwhile, Angel speculates about what nasty sort of person could have brought Holtz to the present. It's odd that he doesn't even suspect Wolfram & Hart, since they're the ones who resurrected Darla. Oh, I forgot: he only suspects Wolfram & Hart when they're actually responsible for things. Convenient. Holtz speculates that Darla might sense it if Angel died, and come a-running. He dryly notes, "Revenge can be a powerful motivator." I can't believe I already used all those Wrath of Khan quotes. Angel asks what Holtz had to give up to get "this second chance." Holtz turns and says, "I had nothing to give up. You saw to that." Well, he puts a lot of dramatic breaks in there. It's more like, "I had nothing. To. Give up. You. Saw to that." Angel says that he and Darla took a lot from Holtz, but they couldn't take his soul, and adds that Holtz's soul will be destroyed if he lets himself be "used in the service of evil." Holtz stares at him curiously, wondering if Angel really has changed. "I don't remember you ever pleading so cravenly before," he notes. Well, he missed the dating-Buffy years, remember. Angel responds, "And I remember you used to work with men." Holtz whaps Angel.

Back in the alley, Gunn tells Cordy to smack Wesley again. Oh yes, please! Wesley's unconscious, so supposedly they're just trying to wake him up, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were all taking this opportunity to express some long-standing loathing. Cordy swats Wesley's cheek, and he dutifully wakes up. They all look at Darla, who is in the Angelmobile, busy with an intense session of muttering to herself. Gunn observes, "Hormones." Wesley asks if Darla feels up to travelling, and she nods, whereupon the MoG all squeeze into the front seat. Fred sits in Gunn's lap. Because I needed more reasons to dislike her. Darla asks if anyone wants to sit in the back seat with her. The MoG say they're comfy where they are. Darla pathetically sniffs, "I promise I won't try to throw anyone out of the car. Not while it's moving." Fred points out that Darla's made a mess of the back seat. Wesley stares through the windshield and asks if there's a tire iron in the trunk. There's more dragging out of the joke before everyone realizes that some demons are closing in on them from both ends of the alley. If you're in danger and about to be attacked, do you want to point that out in an enigmatic way, or do you want to say, "Hey! Demons! Get the weapons!" I'd go for the second option. And let's not forget that there are a grand total of two demons at each end of the alley. They're in a large car, capable of generating a fair amount of force. I hope I never again hear about what a brilliant tactician Wesley is.

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