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And Baby Makes...a Dozen?

Holtz is making fun of Angel for pretending to worry about Holtz's soul when a demon enters. Holtz whispers, "Excuse me," and goes to chat with the demon. I really liked that moment. Holtz is so polite. Holtz listens to the demon for a minute and announces, "They've got her? Good." He orders that Darla be brought in. The demon opens the door and Lilah is shoved inside. Holtz is a bit vexed at the mix-up. He walks up to Lilah and splashes holy water in her face, which is just funny. Angel asks if the dead bodies littering the lobby were sent by Lilah. She ignores him and tells Holtz, "If I'd known you were torturing him, I wouldn't have interrupted. Please, continue. I'll wait until you're finished." Holtz confirms that Lilah is a lawyer, and explains that he deals in God's laws, not man's. Lilah identifies Holtz as "a good guy." Holtz blinks, and asks if Lilah knows what Angel is. Lilah dutifully goes over the background: "Vampire, cursed by gypsies who restored his soul, destined to atone for centuries of evil, wacky sidekicks, yada yada." Heh. I like Lilah more and more. Although she does lose a few points for making airquotes when she tells Holtz that she'd have had Angel killed ages ago if only Wolfram & Hart didn't have a "policy" against doing so. Holtz turns to Angel and asks, "What does she mean, cursed by gypsies?" Angel assures Holtz that he wouldn't be interested. Again, I respect the fact that Angel isn't shouting, "I have a soul! We're on the same side! Let's be best friends!" Lilah begins to back away, and offers to come back after Holtz is done with Angel. She also helpfully explains that she just needs to arrange for the bodies to be cleaned up, in case anyone wondered why on earth she went to the hotel in the first place. See, it's not hard to add a line in here and there to explain people's behavior. That's all I ask, guys.

Meanwhile, Angel has noticed that one of the dead commandos by his feet is holding a grenade. Holtz tells Lilah that he can't let her leave, because she works for the law. Lilah reassures him, "I said I'm a lawyer. I don't care about the law." Angel works a foot under the commando's hand and says, "Lilah? Duck." Angel kicks the grenade up so that he can grab the pin in his teeth, and starts shaking his head like a big dog worrying a bone. Heh. The grenade falls to the floor as Angel still holds the pin in his mouth. I thought you had to lift up the lever to finish arming a grenade. Oh well: kaboom! Angel is blown back by the force, and the iron pincer-thingies holding him are wrenched out of the demons' hands. Because grenades don't hurt vampires, which I'd accept if I hadn't just recently watched an old episode of Buffy in which some goofy-looking guy used a grenade to dispatch several vampires. Oops. Um, maybe Angel habitually wears chain-mail under his clothes. It works for Greyshirt. When the smoke clears, there's an Angel-shaped hole in the elevator doors. Okay, that's just a bit silly. I mean, a hole, fine, but the outline is a bit much. Besides, the part where his head went isn't big enough. Holtz runs over and looks down the empty elevator shaft. Hey, where's the actual elevator? And how deep does the elevator shaft go, anyway? We see the cables running down into blackness, which makes me think it goes a ways. What's down there? Holtz orders his demons to search the grounds, then returns to Lilah. He tells her that the men she sent were brave, but that he won't let anybody else kill Angel. Lilah explains, "They weren't sent for Angel. This was meant to be a party for his girlfriend." On his way out the door, Holtz stops dead and asks, "You know of Darla?" He asks if the gypsies cursed Darla with a soul as well. Lilah answers, "No, she's free-range evil." Holtz nods and heads back to the chase as Lilah mentions that if he catches Darla, maybe the two of them can do business. Holtz says, "The only business I have with Darla is to send her back to the hell that made her." Lilah considers explaining that Wolfram & Hart is the hell that (re)made her, so that works out fine, but decides that the entire situation is way too complicated to bother about. As Holtz leaves, she pulls out a cell phone and says, "Harvey? It's Lilah. I got a job for you." Isn't Pulp Fiction humor a little dated at this point? Oh well, at least it's not another O.J. Simpson joke. While explaining that she needs the "full cleaner service," Lilah notices a fragment of the Nyazian scroll from the front desk. After finishing her call, she grabs up the scroll-bits and some other papers and hurries off.

Back in the alley, Darla's still muttering to herself. What is she saying and why? We'll never know. It's just important that we know she's acting odd. I'm not sure why that's important, either, actually. How come they over-explain the things that are obvious, and never explain the things that don't make any sense? The MoG are fighting the demons, shouting things like, "Keep them away from the car!" Because as we've repeatedly seen, Darla is incapable of defending herself. The fight goes on a while, and eventually Darla gets bored by the stupidity, climbs into the front seat, and starts the car. Except that sometimes, when we cut away to the fight, she's still in the back seat. She drives forward, knocking down two demons, then reverses to hit a third. The MoG run up to the car, and Darla drives off without them. We can't hear her say, "I think I can manage without you imbeciles helping me," but I'm sure she did. The MoG stare after her as a slightly singed Angel hurries up. He diligently stares in the same direction and asks, "What are we lookin' at?" He's doing Xander imitations again.

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