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And Baby Makes...a Dozen?

When we return from commercials, Angel is telling the MoG that Holtz has reappeared. We have now entered the second half, and this is when things pretty much go to hell. Because Fred is suddenly possessed by a magical spirit I'm going to call "Tim Minear." See, Fred gets this monologue in which she speculates that Holtz is part of the Tro-clon prophecy, and that Holtz will kill Angel's baby, which will somehow trigger Very Bad Things, and this is why the term "authorial intrusion" was invented. If you don't trust your audience to have figured that out that possibility by now, the least you can do is avoid having some diminutive ditz spell it all out. Make it a conversation, not a lecture. Particularly when Angel already guessed that Holtz was connected to the prophecy, so why are we listening to this again? After that narrative intrusion has ended, Angel insists that he can find Darla faster by himself, and asks the MoG just to find a safe place for Darla to give birth. "We'll come to you," he says. I assume they all took their phones with them, then. Or Angel can just sense where everybody is. Hey, Gunn's holding a sharpened baseball bat. It's not as cool as his axe, but it's nice. As Angel heads out, Cordy is forced by the cliché-filled alley to call him back and say, "Be careful." Argh.

Blip to Wolfram & Hart. Lilah has found a translator to examine the Nyazian scroll-bits she found. She also grabbed Wesley's notes, and passes them on to the translator. The translator starts feeling worrying that someone is competing for his office, but Lilah reassures him while I yawn. Lilah points to the scroll and says, "I've highlighted the section they seemed to be concentrating on." The translator looks up and her and asks if she really highlighted an ancient scroll. "In yellow," Lilah says defensively. The translator looks over the text (which is, indeed, highlighted, heh) and says it mentions a birth. Lilah tells him to finish the translation by morning or she'll have his family killed.

Holtz is miffed that Sahjhan didn't mention Angel's resouling. Sahjhan insists that it doesn't matter: "So he's got a soul, big whoop! So did Attila the Hun!" Point. Holtz says that Angel isn't the same now. Sahjhan counters, "His hair's a little shorter, a little spikier. He's using product. But it's the same guy." Sahjhan says that whatever moral qualms Holtz may have about Angel's soul shouldn't keep him from fulfilling his part of the bargain. Holtz finally explains that he doesn't have any problems with the situation. In fact, he's happy to know that Angel now has a soul that will suffer; he's just miffed that he didn't know all the facts. Sahjhan, pleased that Holtz isn't wussing out of the deal, apologizes. Holtz asks whether Sahjhan has been holding back any other information, and Sahjhan thinks for a moment and lies, "No, nothing I can think of." Because Holtz might care about the baby? Seems unlikely, honestly.

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