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And Baby Makes...a Dozen?

Angel sits by Darla and they take turns imitating plywood at each other for a while before Darla finally asks if the baby is dying. Angel tells her that she has to fight for the baby's life, and I can't blame Darla for saying, "I don't know how," because that is a pretty vague instruction. Darla strokes her belly and mutters, "My boy, my darling boy." Between this and the stuff about Darla's fondness for views, I'm starting to wonder if cute yet meaningless references to previous episodes are supposed to be a passable substitute for character growth.

Gunn wonders if he should go apologize to Angel for his nasty habit of pointing out the obvious, but Wesley dissuades him. Cordy says that Darla and Angel need some time alone. Fred, still speaking for the writer, mutters, "This isn't going to end well, is it?" We. Freaking. Get. It. Cary prepares to make drinks for everyone as Holtz wanders in. Cary, next time you install a security system, you might want to look into a little something we humans call a deadbolt. Cary assumes that Holtz is just a potential customer, and gives him a flyer about the grand re-opening. Holtz thanks Cary and heads back upstairs as he quietly sings the lullaby again. Because...oh, I don't know why. Cary hums along as he pours drinks, then suddenly stops and tells everyone to run. Confused, the MoG follow him. A barrel rolls down the stairs and settles by the metal detectors. A grenade follows, and a moment later Caritas goes boom. A simple door with a functional lock would have prevented so much silliness.

Cary and the MoG rush into the bedroom while Caritas merrily burns away. Cary explains the problem to Angel: "It's a thing with the door and the stairs and the world and the thing." And the inability to lock the front door -- don't forget that. Angel somehow knows that Holtz is behind the explosion, despite the vampire cults and mad scientists that were also interested in Darla. Darla's surprised to hear that Holtz is around, but not as surprised as you'd think. They move Darla and the bed as Cary explains that he plastered over a loading-dock doorway when creating his little apartment. Lucky thing. Gunn and Wesley start pounding through the wall with Cary's knickknacks while Angel and Darla reminisce about the bad old days. Darla says, "His family, his children -- what that must have been like for him. Doesn't seem so funny now, does it?" Aw, Darla's losing her joie de mort. Wesley points out that Angel's missing the opportunity to smash through a door, and Angel joins the wall-smashing brigade. Meanwhile, Holtz takes a super-slow ultra-dramatic walk through the blazing club. It's a good thing he's too busy savoring the moment to walk a little faster, or he'd catch them all in the bedroom.

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