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Whole biplanes of props to Wing Chun, Sars, and Glark.

Previously, Angel made some new friends, and plotted to kill them, because I guess that's just a habit with him now. Before the show started, Johanna and I discussed what she wanted to have happen and...well, one thing led to another and we ended up deciding that it would be cool if it started with Angel saying, "Naw, I was just kidding! There's no apocalypse, everything's fine." And then the MoG would laugh and laugh, and then they'd start reminiscing about all the other times they thought they were going to die, and the whole thing would be a clip show.

But instead, the show starts right where the last episode left off, with the MoG standing in a circle, hands raised. Angel says, "Then we're all agreed." Spicule says they're "one big happy Manson family." Gunn asks if they'll attack all of the Thornites at once. Angel says no: "Together, they'd vaporize us. Separated, they're just demons." Of course, separated the MoG are even less of a threat, but don't mind me. Wesley collects his guns as he asks what the plan is. Angel stresses that the MoG have to act like they don't trust Angel. Gunn asks if they should bring Illyria in on the plan, but Angel doesn't trust her. They reassure him by explaining that Illyria's off guarding Drogyn. Angel says that they'd better go check on Illyria, because Drogyn's dead. Spicule very suspiciously asks how Angel knows that. Angel calmly explains, "Because I killed him." Then he punches Spicule, ducks under Spicule's swing, and grabs him by the neck as Hamilton enters the office and dryly apologizes for interrupting. Angel says, "I was just making a closing statement," and shoves Spicule away. As the MoG wander out, Angel harshly tells Wesley, "Illyria's your responsibility. Make sure she doesn't get twitchy." And slams the door again. Do you think Angel's kind of enjoying the opportunity to be rude to the MoG? Hamilton tells Angel that the Thornites have some concerns and want to see him immediately. Hamilton says, "No rest for the wicked," and stomps off, and you just know he was like, "Ha! That was a good one." Angel looks pensive.

Credits. This might be a good time to note that I watched this with Johanna at her place. And we ate "Chocolate Chip Angel" cookies in tribute. And because: cookies, yum. Johanna asks, "What are we going to talk about now that Angel's over?" Then there's a long silence. I finally point out that we're still talking making up elaborate theories about Buffy a year later, so we should be okay for a while. I also suggest that I continue to call her repeatedly for three-minute conversations between 9 and 10 on Wednesdays.

The MoG race into Spicule's place and find Illyria crumpled up on the floor. Gunn suggests checking her pulse, and then wonders if she normally has one. Wesley turns her over, and Illyria's eyes blink open. Those contacts are awesome. Illyria explains that Hamilton took Drogyn. Cary frets, "Straight to his buddy, Angel," and worries that Angel's going to kill them all. Gunn says that the Thornites probably haven't bugged the apartment, and Cary explains that he's not "playing to the crowd"; he isn't sure they should trust Angel. Gunn stands up and says, "We don't have to trust him. We just gotta pray the Black Circle does." Gunn's loyalty would be heartwarming if it didn't seem more like he doesn't understand Cary's point. 'Cause, Gunn? Right there, you're trusting Angel.

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