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Commercials. Johanna asks, "Is this gonna be like 'Smashed'?" There's something very wrong with her. The WB helpfully informs us that, in just a moment, we'll see the end of the final episode of Angel. Why do they keep doing that? Johanna and I agree that there hasn't been enough senseless violence, but it turns out that there's about to be a whole lot of it, so that's okay. Since this is the last break, I'll just say here that my guess is that if Angel had been renewed, Wesley still would have died, and Cary still would have left, and Lindsey would have joined the MoG. Or pretended to for half a season. Possibly dragging Eve along, unfortunately. And if anyone at ME would like to confirm or refute my theories, there's a shiny nickel in it for you. Maybe more, especially if you confirm them.

Hamilton hauls Angel to his feet, mentions how much effort the Senior Partners have put into Angel, and tosses him up into, yes, a wall. But it's the wall with the "Wolfram & Hart" sign on it, so it's a wall-smash with symbolism. Angel falls onto the catwalk over the lobby, and as Hamilton climbs the stairs he says, "You're gutter trash, and that's where you should have stayed, drinking and whoring your way through an unremarkable life." Someone goes crazy with a hand-held camera again, so that we can admire the bannisters or something. Hamilton expositions some more about how Angel became a hero, and says, "Yet, you still manage to fail everyone around you. Doyle. Cordelia. Fred. They're all gone. Now it's time you followed." I wonder if Angel's strategy was all wrong, and he should have just done whatever Wolfram & Hart wanted, trusting that his usual bad luck would wipe them out. Hamilton yanks Angel up yet again, and asks if Angel really thought he could kill Sebassis. Angel smirks, "No, I think I already did."

Cut to Sebassis in his tub, sipping his glass of blue blood. He looks over and sees the carafiend dead on the floor, with something dribbling out of his mouth, as Angel voice-overs, "I spiked his drink." Flashback to Angel shoving the carafiend away from the table at the Thornite meeting. This time, we see that Angel is wearing a ring with a little needle on the underside when he smacks the carafiend. Then we go back to see Sebassis dropping his glass and dying in his tub.

Angel concludes, "I figure you were the one I needed to be alone with." Hamilton curiously asks, "Why, so I could kill you?" Angel admits that he thought the fight would be going better. Hamilton nods understandingly. (Adam Baldwin is so much fun.) And then Angel is tossed back down to the lobby floor.

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