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Dulce et Decorum Est

Spicule looks down at the Fell Brethren's baby and says, "Hello, Junior." He picks up the baby and turns to see three of the Brethren in the doorway, looking annoyed. And also armed. They tell him to put the baby down, and Spicule looks down at the baby, who shakes his head like he's saying "No." Spicule shakes off the robe and starts fighting. Johanna says that Spicule shouldn't fight while he's holding the baby. A second later she admits that the Brethren don't want to risk hurting the baby, so it probably balances out.

Lindsey is skewering more Sahrvins, and doing a nice backwards spin with a sword. Apparently Christian Kane was really happy to get some more use out of the swordfighting skills he picked up for Secondhand Lions. I had no idea there was any swordfighting in Secondhand Lions, so now I kind of want to see it.

Vail is knocked across the room and crashes onto the floor, along with his syrup dispensers. Wesley blahs, "Your influence on this world is over. The rest of the Circle will wither and die, like you're about to." Wesley must think he's a supervillain now, with all the taunting. He creates another glowy ball in his hand but does nothing with it as Vail starts to get up, grumbling at him. Suddenly, the glowy ball is in Vail's hand. Vail says, "I crap better magic than this. Let me show you what a real wizard can do." Vail gestures, and Wesley is knocked back.

Angel and Hamilton punch each other around. Hamilton asks why Angel keeps fighting, noting that Angel signed his Shanshu away. He says "Shanshu" really mockingly, too, which I like. Angel pants, "People who never care about anything will never understand the people who do." Hamilton knocks Angel across the room and sniffs, "Yeah, but we won't care." Johanna and I giggle. Angel is still lying on the floor as Hamilton strolls over and finds a handy stake-sized bit of plywood. He bends down to stake Angel, and is suddenly punched. Hamilton goes crashing through the windows lining Angel's office. You'd think they'd have stopped bothering to repair those things halfway through the season. And then we see that Hamilton was knocked away by Connor. Yay. That conversation at the coffee shop still sucked, though. Connor helps Angel to get up, and Angel immediately asks why Connor's there. Connor says, "You drop by for a cup of coffee and the world's not ending? Please." Angel makes a funny "d'oh" face.

Brucker is continuing her interview even as Gunn wipes out her staff. You have to admire her dedication. I mean, sure, she's evil and all, but she does have a strong work ethic. Gunn dispatches what appears to be the last henchvamp, and then pulls a little axe out of his hoodie's, um, hood, which is cool. Then he tosses it across the room so that it lands neatly in Brucker's forehead. Which is cooler. Brucker falls down dead. Gunn says, "Looks like you boys are gonna need to find a new candidate." Then he turns, and we see that there are still a half-dozen angry vamps glaring at him. Gunn grumps, "And you wonder why folks don't vote!" He sproings out the wrist-mounted stakes, dusts one vamp, and is punching another when he's yanked off-camera.

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