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We go to a wide shot of Fred holding Wesley. Man, they're really making me suffer before I get the sweet release of his death. Wesley says, "Hellooooo theeeere," and Johanna and I start giggling, which probably wasn't the intended reaction. They say each other's names a lot, and Fred kisses him a couple of times and says everything will be fine: "It won't hurt much longer, and then you'll be where I am." And she cries, and he loves her, and she loves him. I just can't care. It's not even disliking Wesley. Or Fred. Or Illyria. Well, okay, that might be part of it. But I have been moved by things happening to characters I don't like, so I think I have to stick with the fact that this whole storyline bored me spitless, and Wesley's feelings for Fred always seemed terribly creepy. Which was fine when the show also treated them like they were creepy, but suddenly it was supposed to be sweet and that made it even creepier. Anyway, at long last, Wesley shuts up once and for all. Hooray! Bye, Wesley! Annoying as you were, you were probably the best-developed character on the show. At least until recently. Vail walks over, and Johanna says, "It was nice of him to wait for Wesley to die instead of interrupting." I think we're meant to believe he was knocked unconscious briefly, but yeah, the timing is a little too convenient. I wonder if I'd have liked it more if Wesley slowly bled to death while Illyria fought Vail. Eh, whatever. As Illyria stands up, still in Fred-guise, Vail says, "How very touching his meaningless death was," which makes me snicker. Vail says that this fight was never for mortals. I actually like this little moment with Acker more than anything else in the scene, because she looks like Fred but she's keeping her face still like Illyria, and it makes her look pretty tough. She turns to face Vail, who holds his arms out and chuckles, "Take your best shot, little girl." In slo-mo, Illyria punches at the camera, turning into her normal blue self as she does so. Then we reverse as her hand smashes through Vail's head. Gee, he wasn't very bright after all, was he?

Connor and Angel are battling Hamilton together. Hamilton head-butts Connor and grunts, "What is with you people?" before tossing Connor into an elevator door. They really are trying to find alternative to walls, aren't they? I appreciate that. Angel and Hamilton do a really funny arm-slapping exchange, and then Angel is knocked onto the stairs. Hamilton lectures Angel, "You cannot beat me. I am a part of them. The Wolf, Ram, and Hart. Their strength flows through my veins. My blood is filled with their ancient power." Can I just say once more how much I love how Adam Baldwin delivers these lines? He's so matter-of-fact about it instead of being all mwah-ha-ha. Also, he's extremely tall. And looks good in a suit. And where were we? Angel stands up smirkingly and says, "Can you pick out the one word there you probably shouldn't have said?" He vamps out and leaps at Hamilton. And then I giggle, because Angel is chomping on Hamilton's neck, and Hamilton just looks mildly irritated. I think he's rolling his eyes back to express anger, but it looks like he's just doing an exasperated eye-roll. Hee. Angel finally disengages, and Hamilton tosses him off, which causes Angel to soar up in a slow-mo somersault and then land on his feet. Angel says, "Wow! You really are full of it." Ugh. But I guess it wouldn't be an appropriate send-off unless Angel got in at least one terrible quip. Hamilton swings, but Angel ducks under his arm and says, "What was that you were saying about ancient power?" The fight a little more, but Angel's landing more blows. Hamilton grabs him by the neck again and blusters, "We are legion, we are forever." Angel breaks away and pounds on Hamilton, knocking him down. Punctuating his words with punches, Angel says, "I guess forever just got a hell of a lot shorter." And then he kills Hamilton. Um, somehow. Maybe he broke his neck with a punch. I agree with many of the posters that making Angel's bloodlust the solution was a very nice touch.

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