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Dulce et Decorum Est

Stupid Illyria is sacked out on Spicule's bed. Incidentally, Johanna took issue with my claim that Illyria is as dull as Riley, noting that at least Riley had two good moments. I concede the point, although Riley was around an awful lot longer. Wesley says he has to get some kind of special first-aid kit for Old Ones from his place, and tells the others, "Watch over her for me." Spicule mutters about how little that will help if Hamilton returns, which cues Angel to enter saying, "Hamilton did this?" Cary sniffs, "You didn't know?" Wesley helps exposition about how Angel had to kill Drogyn to prove his eviltude. Cary asks, "Any other tips on how to be a hero that we could share with the boys and girls at home?" Angel insists that the Thornites would have killed him and Drogyn if he hadn't gone through with it. Gunn insists that they all understand, but I think he's probably just speaking for himself there. The MoG ever-so-casually wonder if Angel's going to have to kill anyone else as part of his gambit, but Angel says that it won't be an issue: "We're killing 'em all tonight."

Commercials. The WB tells us that we're watching the Angel finale. We know! Because we're watching it! Johanna reminisces, "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have even watched Angel. And I probably would have stopped watching Buffy in Season 3 or 4." I interrupt, "You're saying that with deep gratitude, right?"

When we return, Angel says that before they go on a rampage, he wants the MoG to take the day off: "Live the day like it's your last. 'Cause it probably is." At least we all know they don't hang out with him for his cheery can-do attitude.

Cary sits down at a microphone and starts singing, "If I Ruled the World." The one by Leslie Bricusse, not the one by Kurtis Blow. Although that would have been pretty awesome.

Angel is lurking in a coffee shop, no doubt supporting Allyson in email. He walks over to a table and says, "Hi." Connor looks up at him.

Spicule's in a bar, doing shots. The bartender comments on the ugly crowd, and Spicule chirps, "Couple more shots of courage, and I may make my presence felt." Oh look, they brought in the misdirection-based comedy for a final bow. That's sweet. The bartender says it's his funeral, and Spicule says, "Well, I never had a proper one," and looks almost like Spike again for a second. Aw.

Anne and some kids are packing up a truck when Gunn wanders up. What is with the blinding white sunlight in this episode? It makes everyone look awful. Anne and Gunn hug. They're still cute. Anne says they're moving some stuff "to the new shelter." Gunn observes that she's still "fighting the good fight," and adds that for him it's been "more fight, less good." He asks after Rondell and the Found Boys. Anne says that the Found Boys were supposed to help her with the move, but that something may have came up. They discuss the vampire situation, and Anne says that the Found Boys keep them pretty safe. That makes me happy. Yay, Found Boys! Anne oozes more positivity, until Gunn interrupts, "What if I told you it doesn't help? What would you do if you found out that none of it matters, that it's all controlled by forces more powerful and uncaring than we can conceive [of], and they will never let it get better down here?" He Karl Maldens, "What would you do?" Anne, ever-practical, says she'd get the truck packed. Gunn accepts that, and they start moving a couch.

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