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The Fell Brethren march down a hallway in great big hooded robes. We hear a baby coo, and see that Spicule is "in disguise" in one of the robes. I understand that the big deal with the Thornites isn't that they're so fearsome as individuals, but it'd be nice if they seemed somewhat intelligent, y'know?

At Brucker's campaign headquarters, Brucker is on the phone with a reporter. She says, "If Mr. Conley's recent confession is true, then he's a very sick man." As she goes on, Gunn marches in and starts punching. I'd kinda hoped he'd just drive his truck in through the windows to start things off, but oh well.

The Sahrvin demons are hanging out in a mysterious room, doing something inexplicable involving hookahs and birds. There's a sword-clang from outside, and we see the end of a sword suddenly pop through, as the stark wood splinters from the thrust. Then the door falls in, with a demon guard who's been run through and pinned to it. Lindsey marches in, and we can just glimpse Cary standing outside. That was a pretty cool entrance.

Izzy and his pals walk out from their restaurant to a car. Izzy is careful to pull his tail out of the way as he gets inside. Heh. Close-up of the ignition key turning, which automatically makes me think the car's going to explode, even though I know better. Instead of going boom, the driver turns on the headlights and sees Illyria standing directly in front of the car. She tilts her head. I'm so tired of heads being tilted. Wing, I want the next show I recap to have everyone in neck-braces, okay? ["Perfect! I think there's a new ABC drama set in a chiropractor's office." -- Wing Chun]

Angel arrives in the Wolfram & Hart lobby and asks Harmony where Hamilton is. She simpers that he's in the records room, and adds that she's been keeping Hamilton busy. That seems like a sophisticated joke for Harmony. Angel says he'll need his car after he stops by his horrible penthouse.

Horrible penthouse. Angel opens a significant-looking wooden box, and I can't help thinking it's full of jewelry. But no, it's just holding a fancy curved dagger. Then a door clicks, and Hamilton walks into the room asking, "Going out?" Hamilton asks if Angel is taking the dagger along when he visits Sebassis. Angel looks down speculatively at the dagger and starts to swing it, but Hamilton punches Angel and throws him through a window.

Angel soars through the air outside and then crashes down through a skylight that was apparently recently installed in the ceiling over the lobby. Eh, whatever. Gotta get in our fill of breaking glass somehow. Anyway, he kersplats down into the lobby and moans, "Hamilton." Harmony quickly stammers, "He's not my boyfriend! I mean, I certainly didn't betray you!" As Angel gets up, he tells her to drop the act. Harmony insists, "It's not an act! I'm really this nervous!" Ha! Angel says he knew she'd betray him, and Harmony takes offense and insists that she's very loyal. Angel rants, "You betrayed me. You are betraying me now, even as we are talking!" Harmony claims it's only because Angel never had confidence in her. This scene is strange and I don't think it needs to be this long. If they don't want Angel to stake her for some reason, have her run away now. That'd be fine. Angel tells her to get out, and that she's fired. Harmony gets over her shock and asks for a recommendation. Angel says, "It's already in the desk." I assume that it tells her to report to the new offices he set up for after he kills off the MoG and takes over the world. But that's just a theory. Hamilton finally arrives from upstairs as Harmony retrieves her letter and says, "Good luck! Um, may the best man win." She leaves as Hamilton and Angel face each other. After a beat, Angel punches Hamilton in the sternum. Hamilton barely moves under the impact. Angel sighs, "Did that hurt at all?" Hamilton grants, "Little bit," and then lifts Angel off the ground by his neck. Hamilton adds that it's part of the job, and throws Angel through a supporting pillar in the lobby. Which is a change from a wall, at least.

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