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Angel and Cordy have an innuendo-ish conversation in the basement about unnatural kinds of bending as Fred sneaks down the stairs. Angel is, of course, just teaching Cordy another fighting move. He stands behind her, and she spins and kicks up at his head. Yowch. No matter what she says, she's pretty darn bendy. They decide to call it a day, and Cordy heads up the stairs. Fred greets her by saying, "Hey, kye-rumption." Cordy dismisses that and leaves. Angel asks what "kye-rumption" means, and Fred says it's the only nice Pylean word she remembers. "It's when two great heroes meet on a field of battle and recognize their mutual fate." She insists that watching Angel and Cordy spar makes her think of kye-rumption, despite the distinct lack of a battlefield. Angel is confused by that, for no particular reason. Except that he's Angel. Fred yammers about what a hero Cordy is, and says, "It's only natural that you and she would be drawn to one another." Then she spots the flowers and exclaims, "Oh, plastic flowers! My favorite!" Could we ease up on Fred's gratuitous weirdness, please? Angel chuckles and says there's nothing between him and Cordy. "Nothing but moira," Fred replies. You see, moira is "the gut physical attraction between two larger-than-life souls." I thought that Angel's response would be, "'Larger-than-life'? Are you saying I'm fat?" I'm batting zero here so far. But doesn't it seem as if Fred remembers at least two nice words from Pylea? She's a big liar. Angel insists that he and Cordelia are just friends, and Fred says he's being chivalrous because of the kye-rumption. Angel snaps, "Stop using that word!" Wesley intrudes to ask what's going on, and comments, "Fred's been through enough recently without people shouting at her." Shut up, Wesley. He explains that he and Gunn are looking at the Nyazian scroll, and they need Fred's help with the math. With the math? How many computers do these people have, and they need Fred to do calculations? Yeah, she's useful. Fred scampers upstairs, and Wesley asks Angel who gave him all the flowers. "Nobody!" Angel blurts.

Gunn practices throwing darts while Fred does math. On the Apple laptop. She talks about the number of days in various ancient calendars while Angel wanders in and eyes Cordy. His expressions go something like this: contemplative; curious; extremely dubious. Gunn asks whether the scroll is warning them about a bad event, or a bad guy. Wesley isn't sure: "It predicts the arrival, or arriving, of the Tro-clon -- the person or being that brings about the ruination of mankind." He adds that what he's translated as "ruination" may actually mean "purification." This leads to a little chat about that problem Wesley had translating "shanshu." Angel eavesdrops as Fred wonders what they'd do if Angel became human. Cordy says that she'd buy him plaid shirts and take him to the beach. "The boy needs some color," she explains, and Angel winces. I'm not sure whether he's mentally adding "She thinks I'm pale" to his list of Cordy-critiques, or if he's horrified by the thought of wearing plaid. Johanna suggests that Cordy wants Angel to dress like Xander. Eek. Fred finishes typing and nervously announces that "this bad thing should already be here. Well, I guess not right here, but here in L.A." She starts to recalculate the dates again.

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