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Darla flops down on the bed, and Cordy offers to stay and tend to the pregnant vampire. Cary thinks that's perfectly sensible, and leaves.

Angel gripes about prophecies and interpretations and how it's impossible for Darla to be pregnant. Cary adds that it's "mystically unfair," since Angel's done so much to battle evil. Maybe, but Darla hasn't, so what's so unfair? Wesley brings up the shanshu prophecy again, and wonders whether the "pivotal figure" described in it isn't Angel, but his child. Wesley says, "Maybe your destiny is simply to help bring it to the world." Angel adds, "Or to stop it." Fred stands up and declares that she doesn't care about destiny, because "'destiny' is just another word for 'inevitable,' and nothing's inevitable unless we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Angel asks, "Germans?" and Gunn mutters, "Forget it; she's rolling." Rats, I've gotten confused again. Fred just says that destiny is "evitable" or something like that. Belushi's inspirational speech is better. Angel says that he wants to see the prophecies, Fred's calculations, and any other information they have. Fred offers to go to the Hyperion and collect everything. Wouldn't it be easier if Cary went back to the hotel with everyone else? Angel asks Cary how Cordelia is. Cary says, "I sense she's hurt and pissed, what with the lying and deception, etceteras." Cary's got amazing psychic powers. Angel never would have figured that out on his own. Well, okay, he really might not have. Cary advises Angel to stay out of Cordy's way.

In the bedroom, Darla's getting melancholy. Cordy shares her own pregnancy story, to establish that she knows how uncomfortable Darla must be. Cordy gets into the food cravings, and asks, "Are you able to eat, or just..." Oops. Darla sits up and asks, "What? Drink?" Cordy says that's none of her business and, finally realizing that she's alone with a vampire, offers to leave so that Darla can rest. As she gets to the door, Darla vamps out and rushes over, slamming a hand against the door to hold it closed. Except that, when everyone entered the bedroom, it was quite clear that the door opens outward. So Cordy could just turn the knob, and Darla would fall on her face. Hee! Darla explains, "I'm hungry all the time. It's weird." Cordy says that's natural, and Darla explains, "What's weird is, no matter how much I feed, I can't seem to get full." Cordy punches Darla and then grabs a small cross from her bag, holding it out toward Darla. Darla knocks Cordy's arm away and tosses her across the room into a little bar. When Cordy turns around, Darla covers Cordy's mouth with one hand while biting into her neck. Whoops. If a set of kitchen furniture is a kitchenette, is a set of bar furniture a barrette? And does Cary realize that he lives in a bar? Does he really need a separate place to drink in his room?

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