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As if being attacked by a vampire weren't enough, Cordy is also struck by a vision of blurry children in a blurry arcade. Cordy shoves Darla away so that she can focus on the blurry images. Darla lunges for Cordy again, but Angel pulls her back and throws her across the room. He carries Cordy to the bed and presses a cloth against her wound as he mutters, "You're gonna be all right. I'll kill her for this." Cordy whispers, "You're going to have to find her, first." Angel turns to see that Darla's vanished.

In the front room, Cary, Wesley, and Gunn are picking themselves up off the floor. Angel carries Cordy out as Gunn explains, "We tried to stop [Darla] by hitting her fists and feet with our faces, but --" Angel declares that they'll take Cordy somewhere safe and then deal with Darla.

Cordy, her neck bandaged, is snuggled in bed at her apartment as she tells Angel that he doesn't have to stay. Angel notes that Gunn is on guard. Angel says, "I'm not gonna keep telling you how sorry I am. I'm gonna tell you she'll never do it again." Cordy says it's her own fault: "I forgot what she really was." She mentions that she's "starting to feel the pills," and I'm not sure drugs are a good idea for someone suffering from blood loss, but what do I know? Angel quietly starts to leave, but Cordy calls him back because she's just remembered her vision. She claims, "It was like no vision I've ever had before," although she doesn't explain what made it so different. Maybe she just means that she's never had a vision of an arcade. Cordy says that Darla doesn't know how to sate her hunger, and adds, "I think I know where she's headed."

Angel pulls weapons out of the cabinet. Wesley doesn't think Angel should go alone. Angel thinks a vampire's gotta do what a vampire's gotta do. Wesley points out that Darla's strength seems to be enhanced by the baby. Angel snaps, "I know! I put it there!" Huh? Angel hurries out, and Fred tells Wesley, "I think he just can't bear to have us see him do it." Wesley doesn't see why killing Darla should be a big deal, and Fred clarifies that Darla is carrying Angel's child, "the one thing he can never have, even if he lives forever." I've said it before, and I'll say it again: he should just get a dog.

Munchkins gambol about at the arcade. Not for the first time, I wonder how long the nights are in Los Angeles. It was already dark when Darla arrived on the bus. Shouldn't these kids be in bed? A blond boy looks around for his mother. Instead, he finds Darla, who is seriously in need of a comb at this point. She offers to help the kid find his mommy. As she leads the kid away, another mother remarks, "You're a brave woman! About to have one, taking another out to play." I know people say peculiar things to pregnant women, but that's gotta score pretty high on the scale of bizarre conversation-starters. But it doesn't matter, because Darla is quite grateful for the opportunity to say, "I love children. I could just eat them up." Gee, who could have predicted she'd say that?

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