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Cordy sees her vision mixed in with clips of Darla biting her, and startles awake. Gunn hurries in to reassure her, and Cordy insists that she has to talk to Wesley. So she picks up a phone and calls him.

Wait, no, so she and Gunn hurry over to the hotel, because...uh, I don't know. Cordy says that she had a dream/vision combo pack of what's inside Darla. Do you want fries with that? Fred dials the phone while Cordy asks whether the prophecy says that the Tro-clon will be born, or will arise. Wesley says that the exact translation is "to appear, to spring up." Maybe Fred should be a semantics expert instead of a physicist. Or a secretary, since she reports that Angel isn't answering his phone. Fred asks whether she should leave a message on Angel's voicemail. Cordy answers, "He doesn't know how to use his voicemail. Just try his pager." Why is it important that they find Angel right now? If Cordy wanted to talk to Angel, why'd she say that she needed to talk to Wesley? Did I miss the part where they agreed that he shouldn't kill Darla? Because if not, what's the urgency? So many questions. Fred dials another number, and we hear a pager beeping in the room. Gunn pulls the pager out of Angel's leather jacket. Wesley asks Cordy about the vision, and Cordy says, "I think they're trying to tell me why Darla is craving younger victims."

Darla and the kid are in a deserted part of the arcade. She suggests he look for his mom again. He walks away from her and looks around, and Darla vamps out. Darla, the master tactician, figured that the best time to attack was when the kid was a few yards away, instead of when he was inches from her. The kid sees her and squeals, and as Darla moves forward, Angel runs across the skee-ball games and stops her. As the kid runs away, Angel pulls out a stake and somehow manages to stake Darla's hand. The kid's mother spots him and sweeps him up in a hug. Darla tosses Angel out into the arcade and pulls the stake out of her hand. Everyone screams and runs away. Darla says, "You so wanna play the good guy, don't you? Yeah, you're the good guy who did this to me!" She bashes Angel again while complaining about the hunger and the pounding and so on. Angel offers to stop it, and punches her. Punching and kicking and only one bad-edit-fu. Angel's wearing his leather jacket, by the way. The one I think was back at the hotel. Maybe he has a dozen identical jackets, since they probably get worn out and torn pretty quickly with all the fighting. And then he could get wholesale rates. Angel finally slams Darla against a wall and grabs her neck. Darla shouts, "You put this in me! I hate you!" Angel keeps on choking her until Darla laughs and reminds him, "I don't breathe, you idiot. You can't strangle me!" Maybe he's just trying to get you to shut up, Darla. Angel pulls out a stake, and Darla urges him to kill her, stake her -- just don't throw her into the br'er patch! Angel hesitates and finally backs away, lowering the stake. Moron. Angel and Darla both de-vamp, and then she throws herself at him, crying. Angel holds her and says, "The child has a heartbeat. It has a soul." Darla screams and wails because now he's torturing her with nonsense. Angel goes on to explain, "That's why you've been craving purer and purer blood! It's been driving you out of your mind. It has a soul!" Darla keeps on crying, and Angel finally shuts up. I can't find any flaw in this logic, simply because I can't identify any particle of logic to start with.

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