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Darla settles in on Angel's bed as he hands her a cup of blood. She sips it and asks whether it's pig's blood. Angel tells her, "You need to keep yourself nourished. You'll get used to it." Darla throws it across the room. Angel says that they'll get through this together. And then he'll kill her, because she's an evil vampire. Right? Darla sarcastically says, "Gosh, I'm the luckiest vampire girl in the whole world." She hasn't simpered at all, by the way. I like her when she's pissy. Angel gets up and tells Darla to get some sleep. Darla asks, "How's Cordy? She wanna come up and visit?" Angel walks out to where Gunn is vigilantly guarding Darla by keeping his back to her. Angel says, "She goes near Cordy or Fred --" Gunn says he knows, and raises the crossbow he's holding. Only Cordy and Fred need protecting? Not Wesley? Or, for that matter, Gunn? Okay, Gunn probably doesn't need protecting. I mean, look at how tall he is. Tall, tall Gunn.

Downstairs, Cordy and Wesley are at the front desk. Angel instructs Cordy and Fred to stay away from Darla. This is getting really tiresome. I hope Cordy and Darla team up and kick Angel's ass. Cordy tells Angel that he's going to be a father. Angel doesn't look too thrilled by the prospect. She adds, "I felt it in my dream -- the same thing you did when you found her. It has a soul." The captioning reads, "How's the soul?" which would be a funny way to greet Angel. Between this episode and "Billy," the stories this season seem to have some strange political implications. Is this all because of the post-7th Heaven time slot? Wesley insists, "Well, Angel has a soul. It makes sense, as much as any of this does." I guess I can agree with that last part. But I didn't realize that souls were part of the DNA package. Wesley adds that even if the child has a soul, it still could be the Tro-clon from the prophecy. Angel asks, "The thing that's come to kill and burn us all?" Or purify. Angel says he knows, adding, "I also know that child is mine." Cordy gets ready to suggest that they all have a drink, but Fred interrupts, "Uh oh." Fred babbles about the prophecy, dropping the fact that the word Wesley translated as "arrive" might also mean "to come to, as from a deep sleep." Then everyone says, "Fred!" to make her get to the point. Seriously. Fred says, "I believe [that], whatever this thing is, it's arrive right about..." She checks a watch and finishes, "Three,"

The camera sinks past a food stand at a park. People walk by. Don't they ever go to bed in L.A.? We drop to a cavern underground. Fires blaze as a demon walks over to a statue. The demon talks about how all men must die, but dreamers dream, and sleepers sleep, and snorers snore, and recappers pray for mercy. He throws powder over the statue as he intones, "As pledged in Caladan by Cod-she, one shall awaken in the first year of the final century. That one who lived before and joined Cod-she in the great sleep. Arise!" Oh, man, that was a mistake. Now this show is going to be totally dated in 2101. Having finished his ritual, the demon wanders to one of the bowls o' fire and lights a cigarette. Heh. He smokes, and checks his watch. Then there's a rumbling and flashes of light, and the statue opens its eyes. The statue crumbles to bits, and the person within falls to the floor. The demon puts out his cigarette, walks over to the huddled figure, and says, "Welcome to the twenty-first century. Angelus is here; you'll see him soon." He says that the man's muscles have atrophied from disuse, whereupon the man hops to his feet. It's Holtz, of course. "Just tell me where he is," Holtz says.

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