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Origin-al Sin

Cut to Spicule, getting knocked across the floor by Illyria. Illyria smirks, "You break so easily. Why do you bother getting back up?" Spicule says that they're going to set some ground rules. He does some kind disco-move hand gesture as he grrs, "No more punching me in the face!" The next rule is, don't talk about how great Fight Club is. Because it wasn't. Wait, that's my rule, sorry. Spicule's other rules are that Illyria should describe what it feels like when Spicule punches her, and that she shouldn't touch his clipboard. Illyria interrupts, "I enjoy hurting you." She's growing on me. Spicule says, "We're gonna have to fix that, 'cause --" and that's when Illyria kicks him in the head. Wow, I wouldn't have thought that her outfit allowed for a very wide range of motion. And then Spicule hits Illyria, and then Illyria knocks Spicule across the room, and she'd better be careful that Spicule doesn't get a crush on her. Wesley enters and asks how it's going, and Spicule insists, "Don't worry, I'll break her." Wesley says that Illyria's not a horse, and points out that Spicule could use the equipment to test Illyria instead of using his face. Spicule says, "We're working on the basics. But don't worry, I'm writing it all down." Yeah, scientific research goes pow. Illyria says that Wesley reeks of frustration, and Spicule corrects her: "We call that scotch." Wesley explains that he had a disagreement with Angel. Spicule calls Angel "old broody-pants," and says, "Keep in mind, he can't get laid without maybe going crazy. Makes it funny." Illyria says that in her time, insolence was punished with death, and Wesley starts to explain that they aren't being insolent. Spicule pipes up, "I am." Illyria starts to question Wesley about his loyalty to Angel, and Wesley says, "He's earned it." As Wesley adds, "I trust he knows what he's doing" we cut to....

...Angel pacing in his office. Hamilton enters, and Angel shouts, "What the hell is going on?" Angel, we've been asking that for months now. Angel rants that he doesn't want Connor anywhere near Wolfram & Hart. Hamilton pleasantly suggests that Angel should have gotten a little more information from Connor before shoving him out the door, so that they'd have more information. Angel thinks the Senior Partners are behind the reunion, and finally Hamilton says, "Let's be clear about this. Things run differently now. I'm not a little girl, and you and I won't be making love on that couch anytime soon." I demand that we get to see the outtakes of that line. You know Boreanaz couldn't keep a straight face through that, even if Baldwin could. Having made his feelings clear regarding the couch, Hamilton asks how he can help. Angel says that he'd like Hamilton to provide some exposition about the mindwipe and Angel's deal to give Connor a new lifer, and Hamilton happily obliges. Hamilton adds that the deal has worked out very well for Wolfram & Hart, and that they wouldn't want to screw it up now. He concludes, "Somebody out there's trying to send you a message."

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