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Origin-al Sin

Illyria is standing with her foot planted on Spicule's head when Angel and Connor enter. Angel introduces Illyria as "some sort of ancient demon." Connor asks if Illyria has special powers, and Spicule says, "So far I've established that she can hit like a Mack truck, selectively alter the flow of time, and, uh, possibly talk to plants." Illyria tells Angel, "I'd like to keep [Spicule] as my pet." Take him. Angel introduces Connor, and Connor compliments Illyria on her outfit. Illyria reports, "This one is lusting after me." Connor stammers and quietly tells Angel that he has a thing for older women. Angel mutters, "They were supposed to fix that." Then Cary enters, and Connor boggles at him, saying, "This place is way better than college." Cary tells Angel that Wesley has information for him. As they troop out of the lab, Angel asks where Connor goes to school. Connor says he goes to Stanford. Hey! My brother went there. I wonder if Connor's in the marching band.

In the conference room, Wesley says that the demons work for a warlock named Cyvus Vail. Cary says that Vail is powerful, and has "tendrils stretching throughout L.A." Angel asks, "Tendril tendrils?" Cary clarifies, "Metaphor tendrils." Angel says he'll go have a chat with Vail. Connor offers to go along, but Angel vetoes that. Wesley protests that it could be a trap, and urges Angel to take some backup. Angel snaps, "I said I'd take care of it, Wes. Drop it!" Exit Angel as Wesley bursts into tears.

Well, actually Wesley just marches into his office, slams the door closed, and sits down to ponder. It kind of looks like he was late getting to the scene and they just started shooting without him, because he was all urgent at first, and then he just sat down and looked pensive. After a moment, though, he picks up his phone and asks for all available information on Vail. Er, shouldn't he have done that when he found out Vail was connected to the demons?

Vail is a red demon of the non-Hare-Krishna variety. He's sitting in a big empty ballroom, and he's hooked up to a...thing. Well, there are a bunch of fluids with drips hanging from some kind of jazzed-up IV trolley. And the fluids are slightly different tints, and honestly? It looks like they're different kinds of maple syrup, like you get at IHOP. Mmm. The drips all wind up in a tube that's plugged into Vail's neck. Vail is savoring the sweet syrup when a Krishna-demon is suddenly knocked into the room. Angel enters, and Vail asks if Angel killed all the guards. Angel says, "All the ones I could find." Vail ruefully says, "I should have given them the day off." As Angel advances, Vail says, "I wasn't trying to kill your son, you know. I simply needed him to understand what he is capable of." Angel asks how Vail knows about Connor, and Vail rasps, "I built him." Vail's voice is like Yoda's, but deeper. And he doesn't do the backwards-talking thing, thank goodness.

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