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Origin-al Sin

Commercials. Must be all that stuff about syrup, but suddenly I have a terrible craving for waffles.

Angel's office. Connor asks why he has to be the one to kill Sahjhan. Angel says, "Because you're special," which is his default response when he doesn't know what the real answer is. It's probably just as well Angel didn't raise Connor; the kid would have been woefully ignorant. "Why is the sky blue?" "Uh...because you're special!" Wesley huffily asks why they're doing what Vail wants, and Angel vaguely says, "Vail's made some convincing threats." Wesley isn't satisfied by that, but Connor assumes that Vail is threatening his family. Wesley says that they can't trust Vail, adding, "Angel, he did a massive spell the day we took over Wolfram & Hart!" Angel looks uncomfortable and doesn't respond. Maybe Angel should have gotten Connor to teach him how to be a better liar. I mean, if he'd jumped up all surprised here and said, "Really? Wow, we should investigate that!," it might have thrown Wesley off completely. Of course, then Connor would have gotten killed later. So I guess it's all for the best that Angel's pretty dumb. Connor interrupts to ask if Sahjhan is strong, and Wesley says that Sahjhan nearly killed Angel the last time they met. Angel concedes the point, but reassures Connor: "This is different! Like I said, you're special." Then he makes a note to himself that maybe he shouldn't have asked Wesley to sit in on this chat. Connor looks startled at Angel's insistence, and says, "We don't have a choice, do we?" Wesley says that they do, if they figure out what Vail did. Angel says that there's no time. Connor confirms that if he kills Sahjhan, Vail won't bother Connor's family anymore. Angel nods, and then Connor gets up and asks, "What are we waiting for?" Angel and Connor head out while Wesley stares after them, looking like a mother who just lost an argument about what kind of fast food to pick up for dinner.

Suburb-hell. The burly demon pulls a poker out of the fire and stomps over toward Gunn. Gunn is coughing and begging the demon to stop, wah. Poor Gunn. The demon is about to skewer Gunn when Hamilton appears on the stairwell, and apologizes for interrupting. Hamilton tells the demon, "I'll just need a minute," and the demon moves away. Hamilton leans over and yanks away Gunn's necklace. Gunn sits up and pants while Hamilton admires the decor. Hamilton asks whether Gunn's been in the gibbet yet and, when Gunn shakes his head, cheerfully says, "Well, he'll get around to it." Hamilton introduces himself as the new liaison and says that he has a proposition for Gunn. Hamilton says, "It occurs to us that you might want to get out of here" and reports that Angel isn't doing much "on the rescue-Gunn front." After a moment, Hamilton says, "All we need you to do --" Gunn interrupts, "Can I have my necklace back?" Hamilton returns the necklace, and Gunn reties it around his neck while saying, "Come on, Sparky, let's go. This heart ain't gonna cut itself out." Aw, Gunn. Hamilton says, "Thank you for your time," and turns to leave while Gunn lies back down on the table. We follow Hamilton climbing the stairs while, behind him, Gunn screams. Oh, I don't like Gunn screaming.

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