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Origin-al Sin

Angel and Connor are in the lab for a quick battle tutorial. Angel reassures Connor that he won't be alone, adding, "Prophecy doesn't say you can't have a little help." Connor doesn't think that would be fair, and Angel smugs, "Fair's not something we worry about." Connor doesn't like that: "I'm not a bully. If I'm gonna do this, you gotta let me do it my way." Angel accepts that, but offers to show him a few tricks. Connor agrees: "I'm all noble and stuff, but I'm not an idiot." Connor eyes the weapons lining the walls and takes one, but drops it, knocking several more off the rack. Yikes, Vail turned him into Wesley! That's so mean. Angel suggests that they skip the weapons, tells Connor to use his speed in a fight, and notes that Sahjhan talks a lot. Heh. He tells Connor not to let Sahjhan distract him. Connor asks whether Angel thinks he can do this. "I know you can," Angel says.

Wesley hurries into a file room, with Illyria trailing him so that he has someone to exposition at. I guess the Files and Records clerk is off for the night already. As Wesley digs through the files, he tells Illyria that reality's been changed. Illyria philosophizes that she doesn't see the big deal. When Wesley insists, "We're more than just memories," Illyria says that Fred changed when her memory did. Wesley pauses at that, and asks if Illyria can see what Fred's original memories were. Illyria blinks thoughtfully, and then reports that the original memories are gone. As Wesley pulls out a file and flips through it, Illyria asks if Fred is still who Wesley thought she was, if her memories were changed. Wesley scans the papers and gasps, "No. None of us are." He drops the file and rushes out, and Illyria follows. We zoom in on the contract he was looking at, signed by Angel. His handwriting isn't at all what I expected.

Angel and Connor arrive at Vail's. Vail drags his syrup-trolley along as he greets them. Angel starts to speechify, but Connor steps forward and says that he'll kill Sahjhan. Connor also tells Vail, "You come near my family again, and I'll slit your throat. And if that doesn't kill you, I'll chop your whole head off. And if that doesn't work, I'll, I'll just keep stabbing you till you, till you bleed to death." Angel looks a little pained by the stammering, but basically approves. Vail nods agreeably. With that settled, Vail points to an adjoining room where the urn sits on a table. Connor starts over, and Angel jumps after him and quickly does some last-minute coaching about how Connor mustn't listen to Sahjhan. Angel keeps yammering until finally Connor snaps, "Dude, you're starting to freak me out!" Hee hee. He called Angel "Dude." Angel apologizes, but then pulls Connor back and straightens his shirt collar before sending the kid on his way. Tee hee. As Connor walks away, Angel calls, "I'll be right over here!"

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