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Origin-al Sin

Connor approaches the table. In addition to the urn, Vail has thoughtfully provided an array of weapons. I wonder if it'll occur to Connor to pick one weapon, and move the others away so that they aren't handy for Sahjhan. Oh, right, he's not a bully. The moral is, sometimes playing fair is dumb. Connor turns back to ask a question, but there's a solid wall where the doorway was.

Vail tells Angel that Connor can't see them now. He explains, "I can't risk Sahjhan getting loose. He has a nasty habit of trying to kill me." I do wish they'd had time to explain more of Vail's history with Sahjhan. Well, actually, I wish they'd set that up somehow in past episodes. Or past seasons. So it's not really a complaint, just a vague wish. Anyway, Vail says he's sure Connor will do Angel proud.

Connor takes a deep breath, says, "Open sesame...or whatever," and opens the urn. Swirly light pours out and solidifies into the form of Sahjhan. Whose hair has improved dramatically during his urn-time. My guess is that his hair is a wig now, and wasn't before. Sahjhan looks around, spies Connor, and thanks him for opening the urn. He booms, "In gratitude, I grant you three wishes!" Connor gasps, "Really?" Sahjhan says, "Nah, I'm just messing with you." Aw, I like Sahjhan. Sahjhan stretches as he repeats that he is grateful for the rescue. Connor says, "I should probably tell you, you and I -- we're supposed to fight." Sahjhan's surprised, and starts to ask why they should fight, but then eyes Connor more closely. Connor quickly takes a step back as Sahjhan says, "Ah. You're him." Connor agrees, "Yeah. I'm me. Hi." He smiles quickly. Connor adds that Sahjhan can take a moment, and politely points out the weapons in case Sahjhan wants one. He's such a polite young man now. Sahjhan grunts, "Thanks."

In the cheering session, Angel wonders why Connor is talking to Sahjhan. "I told him not to talk to him!"

Sahjhan edges around the table and asks how Connor enjoyed Quor-toth. Connor, somewhat bewildered, says, "It worked out great, thanks for asking." Sahjhan looks into the urn as he says, "I thought you'd be a lot more...intimidating." Connor replies, "I figured I was going to Tony Roma's with my folks tonight, but I'm here. Learn to cope." Sahjhan says he'll try, and suddenly hurls the urn at Connor, bonking him in the head. Connor falls, and Angel tries to rush into the room but can't break through one of those magic force-field things that are so popular these days. Angel turns to look at Vail, who says, "Sorry. Not your fight."

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