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Over The Rainbow

Cordy's still running, chased by Cha-ka, who bends over to make us think he's running on all fours. Ooo, scary. Why not just get a dog and paint it blue or something? Because I'm sorry, this thing just makes me laugh. Or they could pick some cute little fuzzy creature that looks totally innocent, so that when it lunges at Cordy we'll be startled. Scooter the chinchilla is available, and you haven't been terrified until you've had a chinchilla stare at you without blinking for half an hour. Just a suggestion. Cha-ka finally tackles Cordy, and, to her horror, starts pretending to lick the camera. Cordy, in turn, pretends he's licking her face. An older, upright, clothed demon hurries up, and assures Cha-ka that he's a good boy. Cordy stands up and tries to ingratiate herself with the local. The demon ignores her, and tells Cha-ka, "You found me a cow!" Cordy doesn't care for that. But she is even more irritated when the demon throws a cord around her, which binds her arms and emphasizes her, uh, talents. Cordy whimpers, "Okay but you're like, Hindu, right? You don't eat the cows, right?" The demon tells Cha-ka that she's "kind of a chatty cow," and gags her. Remember when I talked about the Wilma Deering effect, way back at the beginning of the season? This is what I'm talking about. And while I feel some affection for Buck Rogers, that's because I watched it when I was ten, not because it was good.

At the Hyperion, Angel asks Cary for information. Cary doesn't want to share more than that he likes this world and hates his home, but Angel's not in the mood for banter. Cary says that he got to Los Angeles by using an oscillation overthruster...I mean, "portal," but he doesn't know why the portal was there. He says that his world is called Pylea, and explains, "Five years ago, I'm in the woods, when suddenly, right in front of me, out of nowhere, a portal appears. It was like my prayers had finally been answered." Angel asks who opened the portal. Cary lifts his hand like it's a puppet, and says, "Gift horse." He opens his fingers, explains, "Mouth," and pointedly turns his head away. I will probably use that sometime. Cary goes on to say that he ended up in an abandoned building in Los Angeles, and that's where he built Caritas. Angel asks whether Pylea is hell, and Cary answers, "Not literally. But it runs a close second." Angel mutters, "I find that hard to believe." Cary spends more time than seems necessary ranting that they have no music in Pylea, and what a revelation it was when he heard Aretha Franklin for the first time. At some point, they'd better scare someone in Pylea by singing, or I'm gonna be even more annoyed that they left this in when there were gaping plotholes in need of mending. Well, Angel could scare anyone by singing, but you know what I mean.

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