Over The Rainbow

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Over The Rainbow

As they arrive in town, Cary warns the others to be stealthy, saying, "'Xenophobia' -- kind of a watchword where I'm from." Gunn says, "I don't get it. Why are they afraid of Xena? I think she's kinda fly." I moan at the lame joke as Wesley explains what "xenophobia" means. Gunn says, "Then can we pretend I didn't just say that?" Seconded. Cary points to a house across the street and says it belongs to Blix, a childhood friend. Cary will go ask Blix for information while the others stay hidden. Angel asks why they have to hide, because apparently he wasn't listening to what Cary said thirty seconds before. Cary tries a less subtle explanation: "Because otherwise they might beat us to death with sticks." Cary strolls across the street in his bright red, nothing like subtle, suit, and enters the house. A moment later he runs out, pursued by another demon who's waving an axe and shouting, "Traitor! Deserter!" Cary hurries back to the boys and suggests that they all run away. The shouting attracts more demons, and a chase ensues. The boys run into the town square, where they certainly don't stick out at all, and Cary points them in a new direction. Soon several dozen irate villagers surround them. Wesley decides that this is a good time to make a speech about how they've "faced some pretty steep odds" before. Gunn interrupts to tell Angel, "I'll take the twenty on the left. You take the fifty on the right." Note this confirmation of Wesley's worth in battle. Also, note again how incredibly stupid they were to bring zero weapons along. I'm sorry, I just can't get over that. The battle commences. There's the usual kicking and punching, and Wesley hops up onto a platform, waves a sword he's managed to grab, and shouts, "I think we're winning!"

Cut to the four Stooges, bound and kneeling by the slave auction platform. They're tied really incompetently. The demon-at-arms arrives in a chariot, and identifies Cary as "Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan." Cary nods cheerfully, "Constable Narwek. Lovely to see you again." The demon-at-arms asks why Cary returned, and Cary admits that he's been wondering the same thing. The demon-at-arms asks who the "cow-scum" are, and notes that they're strangely dressed. Cary says that they're his friends; the demon-at-arms says they are "creatures of labor." The demon-at-arms accuses Cary of abandoning the teachings of his people. He orders his guards, "Take him away. We will begin interrogations immediately." Angel protests, and the demon-at-arms kicks him. The remaining Stooges are yanked to their feet as the demon-at-arms announces, "For the crime of assault against those judged to be your betters, you are to be detained in the dungeon until Our Royal Highness passes sentence upon you." Gunn says, "I'm guessin' community service is out." The demon-at-arms punches Gunn in the stomach. After Gunn recovers, he glares and adds, "Too bad. I really like those orange vests." He's punched in the face this time, and Wesley orders Gunn to stop. The demon-at-arms glares at Wesley and orders his guards to take the boys away. Wesley isn't worth punching.

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