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Parting Gifts

Props to me, cause it's my birthday. Or was, when I started writing this.

Apparently Angel learned whatever spells Doyle used to gain entry to the Oracles' Hallway of Minimalism, because the show opens with him asking them to bring Doyle back to life. Mr. Oracle says, "He doesn't so that you may." Ms. Oracle says, "You do so that others will." You know, technically speaking, I haven't seen them do one oracular thing. Angel says Doyle was his friend, and Mr. Oracle says that's of no consequence. Angel makes one last bid, saying that without Doyle's visions, "I'm fighting blind." Yeah, because those visions were such a big help. The Oracles say that for every door that closes, another opens, and vice versa. Exit the Oracles. Cut to a demon running through an alleyway. He hides as a motorcyclist enters the alley. The biker is clad in leather, and we can't see his face because of the helmet. Away runs the demon. Guess he's a fast demon, or his pursuer is on a really slow motorcycle. Credits.

If Angel's so set on battling the forces of darkness, why doesn't he do something about Oliver Stone?

Cordelia continues the ongoing coffee leitmotif by examining the office supply of mugs. Angel pokes his head through the door and asks what she's looking for. Cordy finally answers, "Doyle's special coffee mug." Angel says that Doyle didn't have one. Cordy says, "Don't you think he should have?" and I don't know if it's the question or the way she says it, but that strikes me as a very Johanna thing to say. And if you knew Johanna, you'd agree, and think that was pretty funny. But you probably don't, so I'll move on. Presumably to honor Doyle's memory, Cordy is dressed in a relatively sane outfit. Her belly button and back and shoulders are all completely covered. She goes on to add, "it would make me feel better if I could hold something tangible that he left behind." Angel suggests that Cordy take a day off. Cordy says, "You're trying to push me away! Close yourself off! Well, I've got news for you, broody-boy: We're all we've got now." She goes to talk about the necessity of sharing their loss, and insists that she isn't going anywhere, when of course her alarm goes off and she declares that she has to go to a commercial audition. She opens the door to discover the demon from the teaser. He's got pointed ears that droop at the end, little horns on his temples, and is wearing a shirt even Pacey wouldn't touch. Cordy screams in surprise, as does the demon. He says that she scared him, so she asks if he's looked in a mirror lately. His response is, "Every chance I get," which he says in a Vinnie Barbarino way. He spies Angel and begins begging for help. "That's what you do, right? You help the helpless? You protect the...what do you call them? The helpless?" Cordy starts to leave again, and the demon tells her to break a leg, and mentions that he senses that she feels some "performance anxiety." Exit Cordy.

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