Parting Gifts

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Parting Gifts

Angel pulls aside a curtain and discovers the Kungai lying on a table. An old woman is tending the groaning demon, and tells Angel, "He's dying." While Cordy makes coffee, Barney pulls out a cell phone. He says, "Hank, it's me. Of course I got the Kungai horn! In a safe place, but listen, I think I just found something even better." Gracious, it appears that Barney is the bad guy after all! Did you see that coming? You did? Me too. Barney not-at-all subtly unplugs the phone while Cordy pours the coffee. She warns him that it is "Kind of strong, and a little clumpy." Just like Angel! Barney asks Cordy how old she is, causing her to indignantly declare that her age is none of his business. In reality, she doesn't want to admit how very, very old she is. Barney guesses she is in her twenties, which isn't even close, and goes on to describe her as "all self-absorbed, full of regret -- oh poor, poor you. Poor little Cordelia with her delusions of an acting career." I'm starting to like this guy. Cordy tries to run past Barney, but he blocks her. He tells her "You don't want to hear the truth. No wonder your friend never told you about his demon half." Cordy hisses, "You don't know anything about me or Doyle." Barney says, "I know you let him die." Cordy says that isn't true, but Barney says that he can sense Cordy's guilt over Doyle's death. He grabs Cordy and says, "So, you hate your gift. The visions? You probably would love to rip those pretty little eyes right out of your head. I know I would." Instead, however, he just throws her over the kitchen table.

Angel finds the broken end of the arrow Wesley shot the demon with and, inexplicably, sniffs it. The Kungai grabs Angel and starts saying something, but Angel doesn't understand Kungai. "I do," says Wesley, entering the room. Wesley took the time to change into a fawn-colored suit, so he looks more comfortable now, but I still want to punch him. Wesley is surprised that the arrow could cause a fatal wound, but Angel says, "It wasn't the arrow. Look at his head." The Kungai's horn has been broken off. Wesley exchanges click-click noises with the Kungai, and says, "I think he's trying to tell us his horn was taken." Oh yeah, Wesley's going to be a huge help.

Meanwhile, Barney is tying Cordy's hands behind her back. The Kungai gasps and hisses a few words, which might translate as, "Help me take...this mask off." Angel impatiently asks who is responsible for killing the demon. Cordy gasps, "A vision! I'm having a vision!" Barney pulls her to her feet as she continues. "A demon! A creepy little demon. You! It's definitely you. You're in great, great --" "Danger?" asks Barney, who isn't too bright. "Pain!" declares Cordy, and knees him in the groin. Cordy makes it as far as the stairs before Barney grabs her again. She screams for help, and Barney punches her. Wesley continues trying to translate the Kungai's dying words: "Red. Heart. Reader?" The Kungai dies testily. Wesley says, "He was trying to describe his killer. Demon, heart, reader." Angel figures out that this can only mean: "An empath demon. Barney." Wesley gazes in stupefied wonder at his first blipvert.

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