Peace Out

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Family Tradition

Connor locks the MoG in the basement cage as the soldiers exit. Cary asks if Cordelia's blood didn't have the expected effect because Connor's always seen Jasmine's true face. Gunn's shocked to find out that Connor worships the maggoty dummy-head just the way she is. Connor sits down and shrugs, "I grew up in Quor-Toth, a hell dimension full of all sorts of things you can't even imagine. So, you know, appearance? Not that important to me." Well, that's refreshing. And, as threatened, I'll repeat something I said in the forums: if Connor was acting loving and happy either because he really wanted to, or because he was faking it to fit in, either way that's really sad. And neat. Fred asks Connor what is important to him. Gunn interjects, "Not us, apparently. Or his own father." Gunn, hi, I love you, but have you been awake this season? It's a bit late to act all shocked that Connor isn't making you all Priority One. Fred reminds Connor about Cordelia: "She needs help -- medical attention." Connor insists that Cordy's fine, but soon admits, "She's been moved." Wesley looks up at that. Connor quickly adds that Cordy's somewhere safe, and tries to move on. Wesley coolly asks, "What does Jasmine eat?" He mentions that Yuckmeister called Jasmine "The Devourer," and asks what she devours. Connor plays dumb, and Wesley asks about the people Jasmine takes upstairs, and the gathering in the banquet hall. Fred offers a restrained "Oh no," which I giggle at, and Gunn compares the situation to "To Serve Man." Hey, she were no lion, were not Angelenos hinds. Gunn asks Wesley if Jasmine ate Cordy. Wesley says, "I hope not, but we really have no way of knowing, do we?" Everyone looks at Connor, who stares into space.

Back at the temple, the Priest explains that Jasmine "has given [him] sight into the hearts and minds of others" and so he knows all about Angel. Angel squeezes the Priest's throat and grrs, "Then you know I'm kind of in a hurry! Give me her name!" The Priest squawks, "Keeper!" Angel puts the Priest down and asks, "Caper?" Ha! I like this bit, so:

The Priest: Her true name is known only by the Keeper of the Name.
Angel: [lifting the Priest up again] Right! That's you!
The Priest: No! I am the Guardian of the Word!
Angel: You said the Word is the Name.
The Priest: Yes, and I guard the Keeper of it.
Angel: So you are the Keeper's...keeper?

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