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Family Tradition

The Priest: I am the Guardian of the Word!
Angel: Yeah, yeah, okay! So where's this Keeper of the Name?

I was waiting for a "vessel with the pestle" line in there. Plus, Angel's funny when he's frustrated. Instead, the Priest looks past Angel. Angel turns to see another demon kneeling in a corner, and puts down the Priest. As Angel walks toward the corner, the Priest adds, "Only with its last breath will [the Keeper] divulge the True Name of the Blessed Devourer." The Keeper stands and turns to face Angel. It's big and bulky and has a club. Oh, and it has a big jagged mouth, which is sewn shut. Note to self: another possible solution to the "Shut up, Wesley" problem.

During the ads, I call Johanna and giggle, "You know he's been saving that 'Patience' joke for years! And he finally found a way to work it in!" I love Jeff Bell, and I think I'd enjoy having a long argument with Minear, but Fury's the one I want to buy a few drinks.

Connor enters a room full of mostly nekkid pretty people. I suppose their overwhelming prettiness should seem a little ridiculous, but this is Los Angeles. I guess this is the banquet hall. It looks like a new room. Jasmine is listening to a dazed blonde, who is saying, "Before you came, my life was a mess. I had no job, I was being evicted." Jasmine says, "It's all right, Susan, you'll never be burdened with those worries again." Hey. Shout-out? Susan goes on blithering as Connor walks up to Jasmine and asks if he can talk to her. Jasmine and Connor step away from the crowd, and Jasmine asks, "Can we do this later? I really hate to keep these lovely people waiting." Connor hems and haws and gets as far as "I wanted to know..." Jasmine figures that he's worried about Cordy. Connor blinks and asks where she is. Jasmine repeats that Cordy's somewhere safe, and Connor looks awkwardly around the room. Jasmine finally gets it, looks amused, and asks, "You think I ate her?" Connor quickly insists that the thought never entered his mind, and Jasmine chuckles and assures him that she's not offended. The whole social awkwardness here is so funny: "I hate to pry, but, er, did you eat your mother?" Jasmine asks, "Who would put such a ridiculous idea in your head?" and Connor replies, "No one. I never, no, then, about the eating?" Tee hee. Jasmine says she could never hurt Cordelia or Connor: "You're my parents, my tether to this world." She explains that some Jasmaniacs put Cordy in a secure place "for her protection." Connor asks who moved Cordy, and Jasmine starts to get a tiny bit exasperated. She semi-reassuringly says, "Just know [that] she's alive and...well, comatose. And under constant guard, much as our guests downstairs are supposed to be." With that gentle hint, Connor marches off. I like the way all the Jasmaniacs are chattering happily with each other as they strip.

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