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Family Tradition

Angel and the Keeper fight. The Priest taunts from the sidelines, wondering why Angel is fighting. He says, "Your friends are dead -- most likely, or so you believe -- so it's not for them you fight," which distracts Angel long enough for the Keeper to thwack him with its club. Angel leaps across the room, but just can't resist the impulse to talk with the Priest. I think he should concentrate on fighting; he's not good at multi-tasking. Angel insists that he's trying to save his world. The Priest asks, "Your world, that doesn't care for you, doesn't want you." Angel says that the world needs him, and the Priest suspects that Angel's been listening to The Powers That Be too much. Angel throws the Keeper over by the statue and asks the Priest, "You wanna tell me what I'm fighting for?" The Priest answers, "The boy. The woman, you've already lost. The boy is what you're fighting for, but you're going to fail. You're going to lose him, too." And then Angel is knocked over by the Keeper. What did I say about just doing one thing at a time? Sigh.

The lobby is packed with people. And television cameras. And television reporters, who are almost like people. Connor moves through the crowd, looking around searchingly. A couple of men are discussing the various satellite feeds set up for Jasmine's god-cast. Connor stops by one girl and sniffs her. She turns, and Connor apologetically explains, "You kinda smell like..." The girl gibbers, "Cordelia!" As Connor moves on, the girl adds, "I read this was her favorite perfume." That seemed off somehow, like something was changed in post. Connor spots a guy in a silly hat who is talking to some blondes, and heads toward him. He's sidetracked when a blonde KTLA reporter snags him and says, "This is such a special day, and as Jasmine's father, you must be so proud!" Connor grunts, "Bursting," and quickly moves toward Silly Hat. Silly hat goes outside, and Connor follows. The reporter turns back to her camera with a cheery "Okay, back to you, Hal!"

In the courtyard, Connor tells some Jasmaniacs that the reporters want to interview "local followers." The Jasmaniacs hurry indoors. Because it's all very well to live in a utopia and meet God personally, but nothing's as cool as being on television. See, this is why I don't think Jasmine was affecting anyone's "free will." Anyway. Silly Hat walks up to a guy who is picking flowers and looks vaguely like Screech. Connor listens as Silly Hat tells Screech that the Lakers have disbanded so that they'd have "more time to devote to Her." Connor walks up, and Silly Hat and Screech gasp at meeting Jasmine's father. Screech holds up a sprig and explains, "Jasmine! For the press conference!" Connor mutters, "Right, because she needs more of that." Heh. He asks if they're the ones who moved Cordelia, explaining that he needs to know where she is. Screech insists, "We didn't do anything with the Transcendent Mother!" Connor grins and pats Silly Hat's shoulder reassuringly as he insists that Jasmine told him all about it. Silly Hat says that Connor should ask Jasmine where Cordy is. Connor slams Silly Hat into a wall and hisses, "I'm asking you!" Screech tries to stab Connor with his plant shears, and is promptly knocked out. Connor presses his forearm on Silly Hat's chest and says, "I can smell her on you. So tell me and I'll crush your windpipe." Silly Hat asks, "You mean 'or,' right?" Connor repeats, "Where's Cordy?" Heh. The old threats are the best threats.

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