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Family Tradition

At the hotel, various TV reporters are gibbering like...uh, TV reporters. A male anchor talks about how this will be "the most momentous day in recorded history." He reminds me of Stephen Colbert. Especially in the election special, when he talks about Bush's first day in office. Remember? Yeah, well, it was funny. Oh, Stephen Colbert... Where was I? Ah yes. Another anchor is speaking Spanish, and my eight years of various Spanish classes finally pay off when I can just manage to translate something about "this weekend." Look, they weren't eight particularly recent years.

Upstairs, Patience is trying to dissuade Silly Hat from bothering Jasmine. Silly Hat is now holding his Silly Hat in his hand, which means he's got Silly Hat Hair. Jasmine enters the hall, and Patience explains that someone attacked Silly Hat Hair. Silly Hat Hair falls to his knees and adds, "He forced me to tell him where I took her -- your mother." Jasmine sighs, "Connor." Patience reminds Jasmine that it's time for the press conference.

The crowd in the lobby starts oooing as Jasmine steps out onto the second-floor balcony. Much kneeling ensues. Jasmine asks everyone to stand up, and blows a kiss to everyone who is seeing her for the first time. She's pretty touchy-feely for a god. I don't really approve. We pan down to a flat-screen monitor so that we can see her telecast being transmitted. Jasmine insists that she is speaking "not as a leader or divinity, but as [their] partner in a venture to make this the best of all possible worlds." Her true name is Pangloss? She wonders what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding. The crowd applauds.

Gunn's still kicking the cage door. The MoG hear the faint applause, and Fred wonders what's going on. Wesley figures it's Jasmine's debut. Gunn sighs, "So, we're alone. It's just us, now."

In the lobby, Jasmine opens up the floor to questions. She calls on the blonde KTLA reporter we saw much earlier , addressing her as Tracy. Tracy stares, and asks, "You know my name?" Jasmine smiles, "That's right. You have a question?" Tracy happily repeats, "You know my name!" Hee. That's her only question. The not-Stephen-Colbert reporter asks what they can do to show their love for Jasmine. Jasmine says, "You don't have to do anything except love one another." Then she adds, "Although, a temple would be nice. Something massive and awe-inspiring -- yet warm and nurturing!" Her expression is wonderfully ingratiating there. She is interrupted by a sudden burst of blue electrical FX in the middle of the lobby. The crowd parts as a portal swirls open, and Angel steps out holding the orb. He's also very obviously holding something behind his back, which makes you think the people standing behind him should be reacting to it, except that he's only doing that for the audience, so I guess my point is that it looks terribly unnatural and they shouldn't have bothered. Angel looks up at Jasmine, who shouts, "Kill him!" The crowd closes in, but Angel quickly holds up the mysterious object behind his back, which turns out to be the severed head of the Keeper. The crowd inexplicably moves back. "Look out, he's got a prop!" they cry. Angel tells Jasmine, "I'm sorry," and pulls out a knife, then slashes open the stitching on the Keeper's mouth. The Keeper makes a noise like those suction hoses dentists use. Jasmine glows green again, and as she shimmers, her maggoty dummy-head starts to appear. The crowd stares, and we go back to the flat-screen monitor, where we can see a much improved CGI version of the maggoty dummy-head as Jasmine wails, "No!" The crowd starts to freak out, and Jasmine glows green again and tries to restore her appearance. She's not entirely successful; her skin is sort of burned looking and her eyes have gone blue. She calls to the crowd: "Pay no attention, it's a lie!" The audience has seen The Wizard of Oz before, so they head for the door. Jasmine cries, "Please, don't leave me!" Angel stares up at her. As Jasmine runs away, Angel heads upstairs after her.

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