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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Yay for the DC and NYC TWoP contingents, whose combined force got me out of the house twice in one month (yikes) and incidentally raised a lot of money for the site. I'll test out the voodoo doll this Wednesday. Is that tomorrow? I've almost forgotten what day it is.

Once again, previously on Angel, a robot was programmed to sound vaguely like Charisma Carpenter; Connor found a new way to imitate Angel; Gwen killed Gunn (just for a second); Cordy killed Lilah (permanently); Connor tried to kill Angelus; and Cordelia modeled some Satanic maternity wear.

Unsurprisingly, we start right where we left off last week. Cordy and Connor look delighted about their impending parenthood. The rest of the MoG look gobsmacked. Gunn's expression is particularly funny, since he's clearly staring directly at Cordelia's belly. Angel sits down as Cordy explains that she was saving the news about her pregnancy because "everything's been so Clash of the Titans around here." Featuring Wesley as Bebo. Cary enters and does his own double-take before complaining, "A mystical pregnancy right under my beak, and not even a tingle." In answer to a question from Wesley, Cordelia says she's known about the pregnancy since "sometime after we brought forth Angelus." Gunn says that's only been a couple of weeks. Really? A week, okay. For it to be more than that, I think they must have had days passing in between scenes at some point. I may give a reward to anyone who can put together a coherent Buffy/Angel timeline for this season. Wesley reminds us that Cordy has some experience with rapid pregnancies. Cordy says, "That was a crawly, evil, demon-thing." Hilariously, we cut to Connor before Cordy finishes, "This is different." Fred wants to start researching, and then Connor starts a speech about his impending fatherhood, but just when I'm rolling my eyes, he says, "I'm gonna have a child and all you can do is joke, 'cause you don't like me." Good save. Self-pity is better than a speech about the wonder of parenthood. Cordy stays behind to rhapsodize about having a living being inside her, and insists that she senses its love. She turns away from them and pulls up her shirt, and there's a Cordy's-eye-view of her belly rippling and being pushed out by whatever's inside, and ew. She turns back and plaintively adds, "It'll be here soon, and then you'll all see."

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