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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Now we're getting somewhere. Gwen is still zapping away, and seems unable to stop herself. Gunn finally knocks Gwen down, breaking the lightning connection between the lovers-to-be, the mobsters, and you. Gunn says, "Liar," and then helps Gwen up. He says that Gwen's stealing the gadget for herself: "You think it'll fix you." They seem to have learned a little from their previous escapades, and decide to escape first and save further conversation for later. Although if the guards woke up, they'd just wait politely for Gunn and Gwen to finish chatting before doing anything. Assuming that the guards are unconscious and not dead. If they're dead and they woke up, they'd be the slowest zombies ever.

Great, my picture just went out. Oh, wait: a door opens, and we see Cary, enter a dark room. The door slams closed behind him, and the screen goes black again. "Aw, fudgesicle!" Cary grumps, then turns on a flashlight.

Somewhere -- maybe in the Hyperion, and maybe not -- there is a mysterious large room decorated with pipes. Apparently, it's a good place to do magic, though. Cary lights a few candles and prepares to make with the spell. He's set up a makeshift altar to hold his spell supplies. Up above him on a catwalk, Cordy is holding a shiny dagger.

The jade tiger is neatly placed back on the table at Gwen's. Hey, Gunn's the one putting it back! How'd he get it out of Gwen's pocket? Gunn gives Gwen credit for being stubborn. I'm stubborn, too! Gwen says she knows what she wants, and Gunn says he used to, and Gwen works her way around to acknowledging that he saved her. From something. Maybe she would have fried herself if he hadn't played circuit-breaker. Gunn says, "I'm just the muscle," and she replies, "Don't knock the muscle; it makes the girls go all knocky in the knees." She also points out that Gunn got her into the party "thanks to [his] brains-over-brawn approach." He dismisses that as being the result of too many movies. Gwen tsks, "They have done a number on you. You really believe this 'I'm the muscle' crap?" Gunn asks if this is a pep talk, and Gwen admits that they aren't her best subject. Gwen asks why Gunn sticks with the MoG, and he explains that Strega needs some eye candy. He adds, "I'm a fighter, born and raised"; he asks if Gwen likes her job. She says that being a thief makes her a part of something, "and not a part at the same time." Can't anyone on this show just answer a direct question? Gwen finally admits that she did enjoy their little adventure. Gunn asks why she was willing to die for the gadget if she loves life so much, and Gwen says, "That thing might let me be, well, not normal, but...hold hands, maybe." It's a motif! She sighs that he wouldn't understand, but Gunn says, "Sure I do. Brainy, remember?" And charming! He asks if she'll show him how the gadget works.

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