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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Now let's do some character development! At Gwen's large-capacity apartment, Gunn picks up a teeny jade tiger as he asks why Gwen picked him as a sidekick. Instead of pointing out that Gunn has a lot of experience as a sidekick, Gwen says she needed someone "suave," and Gunn snickers and asks about her collection of carvings. Gwen adds some background detail to her character, and then asks Gunn whether he collects souvenirs. Gunn describes various scars he has from different parts of the city, but says, "I'm not complainin'. Hell, I see more here than most people seen [sic] travelin' around the world." He asks what the job is, and Gwen explains. The short form is, she was doing some industrial espionage between rival companies, and in retaliation, one company kidnapped the daughter of an executive. Gwen shows Gunn a picture of the girl and explains, "It's my fault. I have to save her, and I can't do it alone." She pulls papers out of the slightly charred packet she got from Tobey and hands them to Gunn; they describe the kidnapper, one Morimoto. Gunn reads over the various kinds of charity work Morimoto does, and then the various charges against him. Gwen shows him a map of Morimoto's "compound," and then asks why Gunn is grinning. He explains, "I spent most of this year trapped in what I can only describe as a turgid supernatural soap opera. The fact that I have the chance to go out and really help somebody -- well, y'know, it feels good to be doin' good." Check out Gunn, with the meta-commentary! He asks how they'll break into the compound, and Gwen says "We're walking in the front door."

Oh, golly, Gunn and Gwen are pretty. They arrive at Morimoto's in a limo, and Gunn's wearing a dark suit with a gold-threaded vest and tie; maybe someone listened to my point about vests. Gwen is in a stylized kimono-style red dress, with her hair up. Gunn says he feels like James Bond, but wishes he had some secret weapons. They got out of the same limo, y'know. Couldn't they have talked in the car? They enter a house, pass through a fancy Total Recall-style body scanner, and then get wanded by security staff. The wanding isn't very thorough. The guards are probably getting paid by the hour. Finally, Gwen hands over her invitation. A clerk wands a barcode or something on it, and an understated alarm sounds, summoning the guards. Oops.

The guard says that "the electronic imprint on [their] invitation's been altered." Gwen calmly explains, "That's because I was struck by lightning. Really." For some reasons, the guards don't buy it. "See how my life sucks?" Gwen says to Gunn. A guard asks them to "step this way" without indicating which way he means. Then all the guards wait patiently while Gunn and Gwen have a quiet conference. Gunn figures that they should give up; Gwen suggests doing things "the hard way" and starts to pull off her gloves. Gunn says, "Keep your mittens on, Sparky," and suddenly calls out to Morimoto himself, who just happens to be nearby. The guards still don't make a move. Gunn greets Morimoto in Japanese, and Morimoto responds in kind. Gunn apologetically explains, "I didn't follow that last bit -- shot my entire Japanese vocabulary when I said hello." Morimoto says he appreciates the gesture, and starts to leave. Gunn quickly introduces himself and claims that they met at a zoo benefit last year. He makes up a story about a monkey, which I'd explain, but I think it's funnier to pretend that you can charm any bad guy by telling him a story about a monkey. Gunn also introduces Gwen. Still no move by the guards. Morimoto should rethink his "free valium for the security staff" policy. Gunn offers Morimoto a gift "in case [they] don't have an opportunity to speak later." He holds out a little box; Morimoto accepts the gift and opens it to find Gwen's jade tiger. Gwen hides her shock as Morimoto thanks Gunn and walks away. The guard finally wakes up and tries again to lead the interlopers away. Gwen and Gunn stare after Morimoto, who eventually turns and gestures to them. The guards let them pass. It's anyone's guess as to whether Morimoto heard that they were party-crashers but let them in anyway, or is just oblivious. Or maybe it's Morimoto who's on the valium.

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