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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Fred and Wesley are having a research party in the office. Fred appears to have given up on her curling-iron experiments, since her hair is looking particularly ratty, and bits are drawn back into two little ponytails for a particularly juvenile look. And she's wearing her glasses again. I guess she was just trying to look nice for Angelus. Fred says that all the demonic maternity information she's found seems to be "run-of-the-mill demon life-cycle stuff -- nothing mystical about 'em." Nothing? Not even the part about them being demons? Fred removes her glasses and complains that she can't stop thinking about Connor and Cordy. Ew. She says, "It's like being stuck in a really bad movie with those Clockwork Orange clampy-things on my eyeballs." Wesley says that "the reality's disturbing enough," and everyone who saw "Rain of Fire" agrees vehemently. Fred keeps wondering how Cordy and Connor hooked up, and Wesley says, "They were probably as surprised as anyone." And then, because it's all about Wesley, he goes on to say, "They were probably both lost, lonely..." Fred sneers, "No matter how lonely I was, I would never --" Wesley interrupts to say, "Things happen, Fred. When you're alienated from the people you care about, you start to look other places as you develop all kinds of rationalizations instead of taking responsibility for your actions and trying to unalienate your damn self." Or something like that. See, everything does happen for a reason. And that reason is usually: Wesley's dumb. Fred ponders that for a while and finally whispers, "Lilah." Wesley pontificates, "We were fighting on opposite sides, but it was the same war." It would be difficult to fight on opposite sides in different wars. Fred grumps, "But you hated her!" Then, after looking at Wesley, she adds, "Didn't you?" How dumb is Fred, exactly? Wesley looks oddly like a hamster as he replies, "It's not always about holding hands." In keeping with the Japanese theme, Wesley has started answering questions with koans.

In Morimoto's mansion, Gunn and Gwen stroll among the other guests. Gunn explains his suavity earlier by saying, "You watch enough samurai movies, you learn a couple of things about the culture." He expands on that a little, and also apologizes for stealing Gwen's tiger. Gwen doesn't give him any static about it, and instead shows him the tiger inside her pocket. "You stole it back!" Gunn marvels. Suddenly, Gwen directs Gunn's attention to a little girl who has entered, surrounded by guards. Gunn wonders, "Shouldn't she be tied to a chair or something?" Gwen points out the guards, and moves off to "get a closer look." By heading in the opposite direction, toward the blipvert.

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