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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Breakable cups and vases cover a nearby table, and so Gwen takes position next to it. Gunn sneaks over behind Lisa and the guards. Gwen tips over the table behind her with a dramatic crash. Gunn grabs Lisa, covering her mouth, and runs away. As a guard approaches Gwen, she says, "Oh my God -- someone's trying to hurt that little girl!" The guard tells his jacket collar that there's a situation, and runs after Gunn. Gwen smiles. Hey! I didn't expect that. Neat. I suppose I should have, but on this show it's just as likely that the morally ambiguous person will decide to suddenly turn good as it is that the morally ambiguous person will trick people into doing evil. And it's nice to be surprised.

Entering a dark room, Gunn deposits the girl and closes the door before reassuring her, "We're almost out." Then a ninja knocks him over the head with a fighting staff. Gunn collapses. Gunn, you should really look around the room before you decide it's a safe hiding place. It's a good thing I always use "-fu" and "ninja" for these recaps, so I don't get accused of racism for this. I hope.

Time out: Getting hit on the head with a heavy staff seems only to knock Gunn down. Whereas last week, a punch to the jaw knocked him unconscious for several minutes. Maybe he should wear a helmet or something. After the ads, Gunn stands up and faces off against the four ninja in the room. The first ninja attacks, and Gunn grabs the staff away from the ninja and quickly knocks him down. Two others attack together from opposite sides, and Gunn gets to do some nice fighting. There's a beautiful bit where he knocks a ninja's feet out from under him with the staff, and the ninja goes spinning like a yo-yo for a second in mid-air. The ninja eventually pull out swords, and Gunn happily says that after dealing with Satan and vampires for weeks, "[he] almost forgot how good it feels just to let off a little steam." Guard, turn, parry, dodge, spin! Gunn flips the last ninja over his head and pauses to straighten his tie before the ninja crashes head-first into the floor. Aw. I approve of Gunn getting gratuitous coolness shots. He turns back to Lisa, and tells her, "It's okay. I'm here to take you home." She says, "I am home." She then orders Gunn out of her house. Gunn takes that in and guesses, "Your name's not Lisa, is it?" The girl says, "I'm Aiko Morimoto, and when my daddy finds out you tried to hurt me, he's gonna kill you!" She's kinda cute. Maybe it's the death threats that I find endearing. Gunn grumpily adjusts his jacket and exits.

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