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Taser? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Rejoining Gwen and Gunn, we see Morimoto's safe suddenly open to reveal...another locked safe. What a letdown. Gwen reassures Gunn that this one's easy, and puts her bare hand on the keyboard. There's a pow, the safe opens, and Gwen reaches in and grabs a small box. She opens it and looks at a little gadget. As they turn for the door, Gwen suggests splitting up, but Gunn vetoes that: "Either we both make it out, or --" Gwen looks past Gunn to finish, "Neither of us do." Gunn turns to see Morimoto and more ninja at the door.

Time to go back to the Hyperion. Angel tears another sheet out of the notebook and hands it to Wesley. Wesley looks at it and says, "Something about...strangling poultry." Ha! Angel says he needs a break, and starts up, but then Cary enters bringing a cape, a bag, and "joyous news." Angel asks if it's about the baby, and Cordy asks if it's about "el jefe." Cary tells Angel, "Wanda, that demon you recommended -- what a peach, by the way -- anyway, she sold me this cleansing abracadabra to clear my muddled mind." He says that he has to do a ritual to restore his mind/soul/aura/future/whatever-reading abilities. Wesley offers to help, but Cary says he has to do it by himself. The good news is that he should be all fixed in the morning. Cordy happily asks, "Then you'll be able to read me?" Cary says he'll be a "lean, green, belly-readin' machine." Cordy feigns delight.

Hebetudinous as ever, Morimoto tells Gwen to put the box down and move away from it. Gwen clutches it protectively. Morimoto repeats the instruction, and Gunn blusters that he already beat up the ninja once. The ninja promptly pull out pistols and aim at him. Gunn suggests that Gwen should give up the box. Gwen resists, saying, "I won't give it back. I can't." They argue for a minute, and then Morimoto tells his ninja, "Finish it." As usual, there's a five-minute delay before the guards can take any action, so Gunn and Gwen keep on arguing. Gunn says he won't die for this, and Gwen shouts, "I need it!" Morimoto tries again, "I said, finish it!" Maybe the guards are distracted by Gwen's prettiness. Gwen screams, "It's miiiiine!" She leans forward and electricity zaps out of her, zapping Morimoto and the ninja as we go to commercial. Yowza. Do you think that counts as battery? Don't hurt me.

I call Johanna. She complains about Angel's photographic-memory bit again, but I still think that as long as it never quite works right, it's okay. I'm just happy because Gwen and Gunn have such similar names that people won't splice them together, since the result won't make any sense. (I was only half wrong.)

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