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Angel vs. The Invisible Hand

This looks like a medieval version of Homicide. Holtz is practicing his interrogation techniques on Justine in the Blunderdome. Holtz got a new jacket! And he's added a table and chairs to the room. Got rid of the computer, though. He's got a redecorating fetish. Justine defensively mentions dusting two vampires, but Holtz says he told her to leave them. Why? I don't know; maybe they were too small, so he wanted to throw them back. Holtz says, "We are here. To determine whether or not you. Have the commitment necessary. For the work at hand." It's not my fault he talks that way. I like Holtz, really! He's just big on pauses. Justine asks if that's a joke, for reasons which will become clear momentarily. Holtz repeats the word "commitment" a few times, in case we weren't paying attention. And then we pan down to see that her hand has been fastened to the table with an ice-pick or something similarly ouchy. She's pretty calm about it, all things considered. Holtz asks why she's still there. Justine says, "Feeling something is better than feeling nothing." Oh come on, there's already a faux Willow trying my patience; I don't need a Buffy clone on top of that. Although at least this one isn't whining that she misses being a cheerleader. Holtz says that she can un-pin herself, and then they'll discuss "the next phase of [their] partnership." He exits, and closes a gate across the doorway. This is a strange little show, isn't it? I'd like to watch more of it, but it looks like it's time to switch back to Angel McBeal.

The Hyperion's lobby is full of demons and humans talking with various members of the MoG. And, I expect, some members of the local bunco squad who want to hear some more about their "paranormal investigations." Funny, it seems like recently there was a lot of concern that all sorts of folks would be trying to kidnap and/or kill Angel's kid. But I guess that explosion killed off every enemy and baddie in the whole world, so now it's okay to have crowds of visitors. Heck, maybe all of these people are just guests for the baby shower. Cary's talking to some demons who wear shiny chrome masks. I guess because that way they can walk the streets of Los Angeles unnoticed. Or maybe they come to the Hyperion through the sewers. I would love to see a quick take of Angel giving directions over the phone: "First you follow the storm drain down to the main sewer line, and then it's the third ladder on the left, just past the bilge room." Cary finishes chatting with the demons -- who communicate in unrecappable clickity-clacks -- and goes over to Angel. Cary says that the demons are ready to pay a hefty sum for the help of Angel Investigations' leader. By which he means Wesley. Cary explains, "They saw his web articles about DNA fusion comparisons in tri-ped demon populations." Sure, fine. The Castanet demons -- who don't understand English -- were surfing the net for scientific abstracts. In English. Why not? Angel heads over to the front desk, where Cordy whines that they're overwhelmed with potential clients. Six hundred flyers and a webpage. That's all it took. And people say the show doesn't contain any science fiction. Angel answers a ringing phone: "Angel Investigations, your problems are our problems." He almost immediately starts asking about the caller's financial situation. Because he's sort of obsessed with money just now, you see. It's subtle, but if you watch this episode a few times you can definitely see a theme.

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