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Expecting...Very Little

In an office hallway, Lilah and Gavin chat with Linwood, who I think we can assume is their newest boss. They're all a bit tense. Linwood says that "heads are gonna roll if the senior partners hear about this." Lilah says that she's sequestering all of their psychics, and adds, "We will get to the bottom of this." Linwood pontificates about how terrible this is, and then Lilah insists that no one could have known this would happen. Then why are you interrogating the psychics? Gavin agrees with her, though, and they walk on. The camera lingers to show us that Cyril was hiding in a nearby office, eavesdropping on their conversation. How'd he happen to know that they would stop in that part of the hallway to chat? Cyril walks deeper into the office as he dials a phone. We hear a woman's voice say, "Hi, you've reached the Titles." She says that you can press one to leave a message for Christine. A man's voice adds, "For Bentley, press two." Then a deep, hoarse voice says, "Or to speak to, or worship, Master Tarfall, Underlord of Pain, press three." Ha! I think we can assume that Cyril presses three. His message is, "Master, it's happened! The thing you have foreseen has come to be. We must tell the others."

We're back in York, but now it's 1773. Holtz is dozing by the fire, visions of blipverts dancing in his head. A spooky blur solidifies into a dark shape behind him, and...oh, we know it's Sahjhan. Holtz tells the demon, "Be a man and show your face." Sahjhan steps forward and admits, "I'm not a man." A moment later, he clarifies, "But clearly masculine. You get that, right?" After some back and forth, Sahjhan tells Holtz that he'll die without ever avenging his family unless he accepts Sahjhan's help. But he'll have a chance to kill Angel and Darla if he'll just let Sahjhan transport him two hundred years into the future. Holtz sniffs, "Through black magic and sorcery." Sahjhan responds, "No, on a mule cart. Of course through black magic and sorcery; I'm a demon!" Holtz asks what Sahjhan wants in return. Sahjhan answers, "I want your word that when the time comes, you will show them no mercy." Gee, I wonder if that part of the bargain will become important. Particularly since we already know that Holtz accepts the offer, so the only reason to show us this scene is to learn the specifics of the deal.

Angel wheels Darla through a hospital. Darla whines about how hungry she is. Cordy waves them into an operating theater. Wesley expositions that Fred and Gunn are off looking for ultrasound equipment. Because nobody would stop them from just snatching expensive medical equipment. Angel eyes the gallery as Wesley explains that it's a teaching hospital. And I suppose classes are open to the public, which is why Wesley knows how to use all the equipment. Darla says that the contractions have stopped, and Wesley hesitantly feels her tummy. He speculates that she was experiencing false labor. This is just fascinating. Gunn and Fred arrive with the equipment. They didn't even dress like doctors or do anything to make this easier to swallow. Sigh.

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