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Expecting...Very Little

Cityscape-vert. Sahjhan returns to find Holtz angrily pacing about. Holtz shouts that he's tired of waiting, and reaches out to grab Sahjhan, but the demon's body seems to be mist or smoke, and there's nothing to grab. Sahjhan asks, "Do you think I'd go to all this trouble [sic] of transporting you two and a half centuries if I could just walk up to Angelus and stake him myself?" He says there are "rules and timetables and forces at work," which I sure hope are explained eventually. Because I wouldn't want to think we're just supposed to say, "Oh, sure, rules," and accept that as an explanation for why Sahjhan wants Angel dead, and why he can't do the deed himself even though he seems to be pretty well invulnerable to physical violence. I'm sure there are reasons. Good, interesting reasons. Which we will learn. Anyway, Sahjhan gestures and his demon makeup disappears so that he can roam the streets unnoticed. He gives Holtz a coat and says he's arranged for some outside help.

At Wolfram & Hart, demons and psychics and weather forecasters are being questioned in a conference room. We hear someone asking, "Are you now, or have you ever been a vampire? Are any of your friends vampires? Have you attended any meetings, gatherings of vampires?" Linwood is interrogating a psychic who looks like Michael Stipe. Since Stipe didn't foresee the baby, Linwood has Stipe suffocated with a plastic bag. Lilah finishes chatting with the Wolfram & Hart mind-sweepers and reports to Linwood that no one knew about Darla's pregnancy. She says there's a scroll prophesying a vampire birth, but it is, of course, missing. Linwood mentions that all sorts of "groups and cults and organizations" would love to have some vampire spawn to hold and pet and love and call "George." Linwood insists that they have to get the baby, "dissect it, and find out what it means." "Dissect it"? I thought Wolfram & Hart was a little more industrious than that. You find out about a miraculous child that all kinds of groups are interested in, maybe you should find out what it means before you kill it. Because maybe it's useful. And if it isn't inherently useful, you can use it to control all those other groups. Nope, don't buy the "We must find it and kill it!" response. Gavin pops up to report that Linwood has a call from Berlin. Linwood gripes, "If they've heard about this in Berlin, Singapore and Muncie can't be far behind." Then there's a bit where Lilah is surprised to learn that, if the senior partners get vengeful, Linwood will say it's all Lilah's fault. Why is she surprised? That's twice this episode that Lilah seems to have forgotten that the people she works with aren't terribly kind and trustworthy. Linwood tells Lilah, "Darla was resurrected on your watch. I can think of no better scapegoat." What about Holland, who presumably came up with the scheme? It's always safe to blame the dead guy. Or Lindsey, who hid Darla from Wolfram & Hart? Come on Lilah, you've got to learn to shift the blame. Linwood wanders off, and Gavin chuckles at Lilah's problem. Lilah tells him to "watch and learn," and pulls out her cell phone.

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