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Expecting...Very Little

Battle-vert. There's one really amusing shot that makes it look as though Wesley is levitating a stake with the power of his teeny-tiny mind. We cut to the deserted Hyperion -- deserted except for the commandos that are rappelling down into the lobby and storming through the doors, of course. I don't know why they need to rappel in; maybe they had the gear and they've been dying for a chance to use it. Fetvanovich enters, and his flunkies carry in two large matching cages for Darla and the baby. Well, that's thoughtful. The music is very ominous, which is odd, because from what I've seen, the viewers aren't going to be terribly sad if Darla and the baby die horribly. I'm interested in all the factions who are after the baby, and their various motives, but I'm not biting my nails hoping the kid will have a long, healthy life, y'know?

City-vert. This episode is vert-tastic! The Angelmobile is tooling along down the street. Darla's in the back seat, between Wesley and Gunn, and I'm pleased to see that Wesley is holding a stake at the ready in case Darla acts up. Darla is oddly quiet, and Angel asks, "It's the kid, isn't it? Seeing him on the monitor." Darla insists, "I'm just disappointed [that] the vamp cult didn't kill all of you." Let's all pretend that we don't notice the tear on her cheek, because ugh. I don't want a sentimental Darla. Maybe her vamp-hormones are acting up. She asks where they're going now, adding, "I'm famished, and we all know how ugly that can get." Angel wants to go somewhere safe. Well, that's a good idea. Gunn gets as far as, "How about if we go to --" before Angel nixes Vegas. Heh. Aw, Gunn, I'll take you to Vegas. Wesley says that they need to know why everyone is so interested in the baby, so they need to retrieve the scrolls from the Hyperion.

A commando checks out the Hyperion's courtyard, but doesn't notice Holtz lurking in the shadows. Holtz then whacks him with a sword.

Inside, Fetvanovich is laying out a selection of instruments from the Dead Ringers collection. Commandos are stationed everywhere. Suddenly there's a noise, and they turn to watch as Holtz enters, looking smug. Fetvanovich asks the commandos, "Is this man with you?" Holtz asks, "Where's Angelus?"

Linwood, Lilah, and Gavin watch on the monitors and try to figure out who Holtz is. We can hear the commandos shouting at Holtz, and then we hear static. Lilah notes that Holtz referred to Angel as "Angelus." The tech guy fiddles with gadgetry, and we hear the commandos and Holtz still talking. Linwood picks up a walkie-talkie and tells the commandos to get rid of Holtz. On the monitor, we see two commandos move toward Holtz as he raises his sword, and then there's more static. What cruddy cameras. I guess the Wolfram & Hart supply department was taken in by those damned pop-up ads. Tech guy tries to get a picture again, and we hear clangs and yells and one dramatic scream. Linwood tries the walkie-talkie again, and gets no response. Oh, the suspense -- the suspense of wondering whether the writers really expect us to think it's remotely possible that, after all that build-up, Holtz is now dead.

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