Rain of Fire

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Apocalypse, Nowish
horrible all the rats were. Fred wants to take a long bath, and I really like that lipstick she's wearing. There's just no way to work that kind of observation smoothly into a sentence. Gunn cheerfully asks, "We have bubbles?" Fred stops and gives him a look as she slowly pulls a Garbo. Gunn nods quickly and wishes he was back with the rats as Fred goes on about how the bathtub isn't that big. It suddenly strikes me that on Buffy, the females are the main characters and also the ones who suffer heartbreak, and on the more guy-focused Angel it's the guys who pine away, and I wonder if that says something about how the sexes are more alike than different, because almost everyone identifies with characters who feel rejected and have relationship traumas, and just when you think I'm going to start a chorus of "Kumbaya" I swerve and end up ruminating on how the point is, regardless of gender, most people suck. Not to get all philosophical on you or anything. Where was I? Gunn is asking Fred what she wants from him. Fred says, "Nothing," and Gunn agrees, "Yeah, you've made that pretty clear." He complains that ever since he snapped her ex-teacher's neck in front of her, she's acted weird. It's so out of the blue! Gunn argues, Fred whines, and I'm still unclear on whether Fred's upset that her boyfriend is capable of murder, or if she's upset that he committed murder for her, or if she's mad that he kept her from being a murderer. Gunn says that murder "isn't in [Fred's] heart." Fred asks, "But it's in yours?" Gunn looks away and says, "It is now." See what I mean? It's all ambiguous. With that, Fred sniffles and pushes past Gunn to run away. What about her bath?

In the lobby, Angel is sorting weapons while Cary continues answering the phone. I know I should bitch about why Angel isn't helping answer the calls, but I can't work up the energy. He probably realizes that he doesn't have the wit for these calls. For instance, Cary is saying, "No, that certainly doesn't sound normal for a boy his age. We'll send someone out as soon as we can. Just, um, just don't poke it." In single shot, the camera swirls around in a very satisfying way so that we see the lobby from a lot of different angles and little things like that make the sets feel like real places and not just sets, so I thought I should give props to the director there. As we pan around, Gunn stomps inside. Angel asks how it went, and where Fred is. Gunn answers, "Bad. Out," and immediately starts helping Cary answer the phones.

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