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Apocalypse, Nowish

Cary takes a break and starts chatting with Angel about the surprisingly large number of cases they're getting, but Angel dismisses it by guessing that "it's gotten around that [he's] back." Ha! 'Cause they had so many cases last year. Angel and Cary discuss the best way to arrange the weapons cabinet. Which, for reasons that are unimportant, leads to Angel asking, "What if I were fighting a Glurgg and I ask for a Khopesh to finish him off. What would you throw me?" Cary answers, "A towel? Glurggs are 90% pus." That was such a long way to go for such a dumb joke, and needless to say, I totally respect that effort. Cary suggests that they need more help around the office, and he's got someone in mind: "A certain somebody with a good understanding of higher dimensions? Could tell me what got Hoovered out of my head? Name starts with a 'C'?" Angel looks across the room and says, "Connor." Cary says he was thinking of a "perky love muffin," and no comment, but the point is that, of course, Connor has just entered the lobby. Angel awkwardly greets his son and reassures him that last week's nonsensical spell wore off as soon as Whedon left the set. Hey, Angel? Connor knows that. He was there at the end when everyone tasted of the magical hummus. Angel also thanks Connor for protecting Cordelia. Connor shrugs and his hair isn't parted evenly and it's bugging me, but he's still a cute kid. As long as he stays clothed. Connor tells Angel that Cordelia is staying with him again. Angel pretends that he's totally fine with that, adding, "Couple of days, everything'll be back the way it was." Connor says, "You should talk to her." Cary cheers that suggestion, but Angel demurs, "The last thing she needs is me --" Connor interrupts, "Dad? Please?" Angel looks stricken at the "D" word. Maybe he's thinking,"Gee, you haven't called me 'Dad" since that time you tried to kill me!"

Cut to Connor's lofty place of weirdness. There's a staircase in one corner that I don't remember noticing before. Didn't they have to climb a ladder to get to this place? But once you climb the ladder, there are stairs going up another level? There are also a lot of candles burning, which seems like a safety hazard. Cordy sits facing the camera as Angel and Connor enter. "I'm gonna kill him," Cordy says. Angel says, "He's just worried bout you. We all are." Cordy doesn't reply by saying, "I was talking to Connor." Instead she asks, "[Was] that the royal 'we,' or the populace?" What an odd line. Angel quickly sits down next to Cordy and says, "I always wanted to be a prince." Seriously, are they speaking in code? Angel holds Cordy's hand as Connor turns and heads for the door. Cordy asks Angel how he "make[s] everything feel like it's not spiraling apart." He does? And is she referring to the widening gyres? Connor gives Cordy a final look before he leaves, possibly in search of someone who can translate this scene into English. Having driven Connor away, Angel and Cordy begin a normal conversation. Angel mentions how Cordy fled the Hyperion, and asks if he did something wrong. Cordy ominously whispers, "I love you." I'm not sure why she's whispering. Maybe this is more secret code. Angel's reaction is to stare at her, unblinking, which is pretty funny. He looks like someone just dropped a rock on his head. Cordy adds that she'll always love him, and Angel finally says, "I don't suppose we could stop there?" The poor guy wants to say, "Yippee!" but he can sense that there's more. Cordy explains that when she got her memory back, she also remembered things from her trip to Higher-Being Land, including seeing Angel's bloody history. Angel tries not to sound too defensive as he quietly points out, "I never tried to hide who I was." Cordy says, "Knowing's different than living it." As she explains that she saw and felt everything Angel did when he was evil, Angel starts avoiding her eyes and looks guiltier and guiltier. He's actually doing a good job in this scene. Cordy finishes, "I felt you, and how much you enjoyed making them suffer. I love you, Angel. But I can't be with you." Angel stares gloomily into space. Cordy tries consoling him by suggesting that things might change in time. Angel quietly wonders if he can get Cordy to go for another memory-wiping spell. That train of thought is interrupted when Cordy starts gasping and shaking. Angel grabs her shoulders as her eyes suddenly go all-white.

Quick shot of something with horns bursting through what I guess is an earthen wall. Cordy gasps, "He's coming. He's coming now!"

Commercial. Johanna asks, "Is he coming for chocolate?" Because it looked more like he was breaking through giant blocks of dark chocolate, honestly. Perhaps he was being held prisoner by the Cadbury people. Then Johanna complains about how jealous she is of Cordy's Chocodiles. Personally, I was wondering if that was a shout-out to Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Connor sits next to Cordy, who is recuperating in bed, as Angel says, "I thought [the visions] weren't supposed to hurt anymore." Cordy says that it wasn't a normal vision, then sighs, "If that word actually applies to anything that ever happens to me." Point. Angel asks about what she saw. Cordy gives a vague description of the demon and how it won't stop until they're all filled with creamy nougat, instead of just saying, "He looks suspiciously like Satan." Perhaps she doesn't want to be guilty of demonic profiling. Angel says he'll take care of it, no problem. Cordy isn't so sure, saying, "I think I know more about this thing, or I knew more when I was all high and mighty, but I just can't get at it." Angel suggests getting Cary to read her again, and Cordy wonders if Cary would be willing to try. Angel shrugs that off: "I can hold him down." Without coming to any clear decision about that option, Cordy insists that she needs to know what's going on. Angel looks inexplicably sad at that.

Hyperion. Gunn finishes dealing with one caller by saying, "If Snowball hasn't tried to eat your spine yet, hit her with the catnip 'til we get there." Cary tells his caller, "I don't think that much mucus is ever a good sign. Uh huh. Please, yeah, describe it in detail." Cary puts the phone against his shoulder as he complains to Gunn about how swamped they are, and suggests that they get Fred to help. Gunn barks, "If Fred wanted to be here, she would." Cary puts his caller on hold and asks Gunn if everything's okay with Fred. Gunn is passive-aggressive, Cary tries to be reassuring, and they throw in some more exposition about Dr. Seidel and the portal and Pylea and yawn. Luckily, they're interrupted by something slamming against the door. Gunn goes to investigate and finds a dead sparrow outside. Aw, it heard them expositioning and felt a sudden urge to dash its brains into a solid object. I know how that feels. Cary tells Gunn to close the door, but Gunn reaches toward the bird saying, "It might not be dead." Cary shouts, "Close the door!" and Gunn looks up and quickly does so. A second later, hundreds of birds start splatting against the hotel. I bet that was fun to shoot, with people out of camera range hurling fake birds and bags of fake blood at the set. Whee! The kamikaze attack ends quickly, and Gunn looks around and says, "I'm guessing this isn't a good sign."

Lilah strolls the corridors of Wolfram & Hart, talking on her cellphone about a 300% increase in something unspecified. Oh, her hair. They'd finally figured out how to do her hair, and now I guess they forgot. Or maybe this is yet another sign of the apocalypse: "Yea, and in the last days, the servants of recurring and never-very-threatening evil shall be tormented with hair that takes the form of ugly ringlets." Anyway, as she reaches her office, she says that she wants Gavin to come to her office, adding, "Somebody's trying to muscle in on our apocalypse." She opens the door and sees Angel sitting on the edge of her desk.

Lilah gripes, "How did you get in here? Vampire detectors, my ass." She assumes that Angel wants to have their long-delayed chat about sucking out bits of Cary's brain. To save time, she summarizes their conversations: "You threaten me, I threaten you, yada yada yawn. Jump directly to the 'throwing you out on your thick, meaty head,' because you know what? You're not getting anything out of me this time, either." Angel says that he didn't expect to: "But Gavin? He was more accommodating." Lilah turns and sees a gagged and bound Gavin sitting in a chair. Lilah grins at the sight and asks why Angel didn't torture Gavin some more. Angel admits, "Really wanted to, but he wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to get into it." Lilah prods Angel into recapping what he's learned. He says that nobody can decipher the information they got from Cary, and that when Wolfram & Hart's psychics try to figure it out, their heads explode. Cool! Angel also claims that Lilah's scared: "You're afraid of what's coming. Maybe we can help each other. The enemy of my enemy --" "Can kiss my ass," Lilah finishes. Angel points out that, per Gavin, Wolfram & Hart doesn't know what's going on. He says that if she helps him, maybe he can keep the coming badness from messing up Wolfram & Hart's plans for...coming badness. And if Angel gets killed instead, Lilah still comes out ahead. Lilah ponders this very silly argument.

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