Rain of Fire

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Apocalypse, Nowish
ks about how Connor's been so deprived, saying, "[You've never had] anything that's real. And if this is the end, I want you to have something that is." Real, honest, pity-sex. How...sweet? She puts his hand on her hip and kisses him again as a tear drips down Connor's cheek. This is so tremendously odd.

Cary looks through a window at the blazing skies.

Wesley pulls an unconscious Gunn into a corner. I think he's meant to be gazing at the sky with concern, and maybe wondering if this is what that pesky Darth Burger was going on about, but as he clutches Gunn tightly, it's hard to distinguish concern and fear from manic glee. We cut away before Wesley can shout, "At last, he's mine! All mine!" I wonder what Gunn's gonna say when he wakes up.

At the diner, Fred peers through the window, holding her cell phone, while behind her we see the frightened patrons and staff. Oh my goodness, we've finally found what it takes to get her to shut up! And maybe it's a high price, but it seems worth it.

Lilah watches the sparks falling and rubs her arms as if she's cold.

We pan across Cordy and Connor in bed. Playing chess. And then we get an overhead shot of them playing chess. It just goes on and on, and while I have nothing against the game of chess, there comes a time when I really don't want to watch people playing chess anymore, especially when the game is made to look as unappealing as it is in this case. So eventually I start re-reading my notes, glancing up occasionally just to make sure that yes, they're still playing chess, all right. Which means that I almost missed the part where we keep panning up, and out the window, and suddenly see Angel standing, er, somewhere, looking down. And while it isn't entirely clear, there's a strong implication that he's looking down at Cordy and Connor's chessboard. And while it's hard to tell because there's a lot of dramatic lighting going on, he looks pretty damn pissed off. Call it a hunch. Parenthood just ain't what it's cracked up to be.

Next time, a perky girl goes to a faraway land, and -- oh hell, are they going back to Pylea? Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they're going to revisit that nightmarish land? Oops, sorry. It's just a broadcast of The Wizard of Oz. Phew. Looks like Angel is in reruns till after the New Year. With any luck, by then we'll have forgotten this ever happened.

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