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Previously on Angel, Angel was bitter, Lindsey caught the attention of his superiors, Holland croaked, a zombie shot Wesley, and Kate expressed low job satisfaction.

We open in a hallway in an abandoned building. We zoom and zoom and zoom in on a old baby doll in a grocery cart. Aiiieee -- dolls are spooky. Angel walks down the hall. We hear strange squawking noises in the distance. Angel enters a room, turns on the light, and finds himself surrounded by goats. Heh. Visual gags are fun. Angel goes into a neighboring room. Inside, a man asks, "What's next?" His partner starts reading instructions: "Be sure all troths are securely fastened, and sacrifices tilted, as shown in diagram F12, to ensure full drainage into sacred offering bowl." We finally see that there's an older guy with his back to us, presumably following instructions, while a younger guy reads and grabs more tools. The older guy is ready to slit the sacrificial offering's throat. And -- hey, that's David Fury! Thank you, Mr. Fury, sir, for rescuing Spike from the forces of redemption! You're my hero. The second guy is now looking for the "pre-blessed ceremonial dagger." Fury suggests looking under the packing material. Angel finally attracts their attention by saying, "You know, I, well, really couldn't help but notice the goats." They're understandably startled to see him. Angel walks toward them, doing a Xander impression -- "Lotta goats. Goats. Many." He even does Xander's eyebrow-wiggle thing. Was that intentional? 'Cause if so, it was a great impression. If not, do they all have the same acting coach training them how to be wacky? The younger guy notices that Angel is holding their sought-after dagger. Angel promptly bends it against a wall, and confirms that they're working for Wolfram & Hart. He wants to know who the sacrifice is to, but Fury won't tell. Angel does one of his faster-than-light moves and is suddenly vamp-faced and holding the two guys pinned against the wall. Fury says, "Look man, we just get paid to do the slaughtering and say the prayer." They explain that they don't know who the prayer is directed toward, because it's written in Latin. They just were told to "sound it out." Heh. The younger guy adds, "The sacrifice has gotta be done by midnight or something out there's gonna get real pissed off." Angel snarls, "Good," and lets them go. They scamper out the door as Angel begins smashing everything in sight. Bye, Mr. Fury! Come back again!

During the credits, I call Johanna and we both agree that Angel was doing a Xander impression. Scooter has no opinion. He's outvoted. I also fill her in on Buffy, since she missed it: "Nothing happed for fifty-seven minutes, and then Joyce died." "It's about time!" Then the show starts again, and we hang up.

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