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Another overhead shot shows the elevator shaft morphing into fiery CGI hellishness. Angel says, "You're not gonna win." Holland turns to him and says, "We have no intention of doing anything so prosaic as winning." That gets Angel's attention. "Why fight?" he asks. Holland says that there is no fight for them, and no winning or losing; they simply are. "Our firm has always been here, in one form or another," he says. Now he's Kosh. Holland says, "We're in the hearts and minds of every single living being, and that, friend, is what's making things so difficult for you. See, the world doesn't work in spite of evil, Angel. It works with us. It works because of us." Fits in nicely with the theme of The Lucifer Principle, which I've just been rereading for the third time. The hellavator stops, the doors open, and Angel looks out at...the city street outside the Wolfram & Hart building, complete with homeless guy. I bet Angel's annoyed at how long that ride took, considering where he wound up. "Welcome to the home office," Holland smirks. Angel whispers, "This isn't..." Holland assures him that it is. "You know that better than anyone. The things you've seen. The things you've...well, done. See, if there wasn't evil in every single one of them out there, they wouldn't be people. They'd all be angels." Angel's big eyes get all teary, which was a bit over-the-top for me. Although it is kind of neat to see a recognizable expression on his face. The gauntlet falls off of Angel's hand as he wobbles out of the hellavator. Holland calls, "Have a nice day!" as the doors close again.

Okay, then there's a long, long montage of people being mean to each other as Angel walks along the streets. Although you could argue that it's a montage of people with bad haircuts, and that Angel looks so sad because he's worried that maybe his hair is also silly-looking. We also see Kate popping some prescription pills, and more bad haircuts, and Wesley curled up on his sofa, staring into space, and Cordy getting ready to leave the office -- finally! Wasn't she leaving, like, an hour ago? It finally ends, after a minute and fifteen seconds. I think it might have been better at half that length. Or less. After thirty seconds, I felt the need to start shouting, "Okay, we get it, everyone gets it, let's move on, please."

Angel gets back to the Hyperion just in time to hear Kate leaving a message on his answering machine. "You did it, didn't you? You bastard." We see Kate lying on the floor next to a bottle and a pile of medication. She mutters, "No, it was me. I couldn't take the heat. That's what they're gonna say. And you're gonna feel all bad, or you won't care. Then I, I won't care either. I won't feel a thing." Angel reaches and clicks the volume down, or maybe turns the machine off. It's hard to tell.

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