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Angel gets to his room, stops, and says, "What do you want, Darla?" Sure enough, she's behind him. "You want this?" he asks, and drops the ring to the floor. Darla runs forward to get it, and Angel grabs her by the arm and throws her against the wall, saying, "Maybe what you really want is this!" He starts kissing her forcefully, and she finally shoves him away, telling him not to play games with her. Angel says, "I'm not playing games. I just want to feel something besides the cold." I think that would have been better as, "I just want to feel something," frankly, but that's me. Me and my anvil-avoiding ways. There's more shoving, more kissing, and then Darla starts laughing. Angel asks why she's laughing, and clubs her through some French doors. He looks really creepy and demented as he strolls toward her. And then he's gotta spoil everything again by asking, "Don't you feel the cold?" Darla looks a bit worried. Angel hauls her up, and she asks, "What are you doing?" Angel says, "It doesn't matter. None of it matters." More kissing. They fall onto the bed and kiss some more, and start tearing each other's clothes off, and Darla begins to push Angel's pants down, and that's just so uncalled for. I said I wouldn't complain about his chest, okay, so have mercy on me. Anyway, they proceed to boink. The soundtrack is full of violins, which really works for me because I'm a sucker for strings, and given the tone of the scene it reminds me of Selina's transformation in Batman Returns, which I like to watch when I need cheering up -- which I may soon, if they keep rolling about all nekkid like that, and then Angel breathes heavily into the camera, which is another thing I didn't need to see when I'm being so nice about refraining from comment about his chest. Work with me, here, people.

A storm brews outside. Lightning, thunder, gauzy curtains billowing in the wind. You know the drill. We pan across the discarded coat, scattered books, and Darla's dress, to the bed. Where Angel and Darla are sleeping. Angel's feet are uncovered. I can never sleep like that. Thunder cracks, and Angel suddenly bolts upright, grimacing in pain. He looks up, and the screen goes black.

Next week: did he or didn't he? Well, I've already figured out the blurbs and a running gag for next week's recap, and I'll be really irritated if they don't work. Keep your fingers crossed.

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