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The MoG are proudly showing off the deoculated Stephanie to her mom. The girl looks delighted, although she's still mute. Mrs. Sharp looks as scary as ever. We'll get to Cordy's clothes in a little while. Mrs. Sharp says that she can't thank them enough, and when the MoG try to downplay things, she explains, "We can't pay you, either." It seems that her hubby declared that "it's impossible to be bitten by a demon, and to have a third eye grow on the back of one's head, [so] obviously, you people are running some sort of scam." That sentence was designed to hurt me. So many clauses. Curse you, Tim Minear! As she drags Stephanie out the door, Cordy shouts, "'Scam'? The back of your kid's head was blinking!" Wesley notes that the Sharps are having trouble accepting "the grim reality that Skilosh spawn nearly hatched, full-grown, out of their child's skull." He says that with a wonderful matter-of-fact tone, I admit. Then he perkily suggests that maybe the Sharps will change their minds. No one else shares his confidence. Gunn heads for the door, explaining that he's going to check out his old neighborhood: "I'll do more good there than sitting around here with you two." No doubt. Off he goes. Bye, Gunn. See you next week, I hope.

At Wolfram & Hart, the joint is buzzing. Lilah runs into Lindsey as he heads out to lunch. Lilah says that everyone's panicked because the big review is in two days. She hands Lindsey a manila envelope full of information about the last "seventy-five-year review." Why every "seventy-five years? Does that strike anyone else as a weird schedule? She says "It makes the Christmas purge of '68 look like fun old times." It seems that, at the last review, half of mid-management was sacked. With actual sacks. So, Lilah is worried, and thinks they should perform some last-minute sacrifices. Lindsey isn't, and doesn't. Because, I bet, he just can't seem to care. There's a lot of that going around. Lilah pressures him, "I heard Henderson actually pulled her first-born out of company day care to offer it up to...Brown-noser. My mother was right. I should have had children." Heh. Lilah reminds us that Drusilla & Darla are still roaming the streets, and asks whether Lindsey's heard from them. Lindsey avoids the question. Lilah worries some more and leaves.

At the station, Angel is babbling to Kate about all the rituals Wolfram & Hart are performing, and how he can't figure out what they're working toward. He's having this conversation with her in the station. With other people all over the place. Dark, vengeful, bitter Angel doesn't bother me, but for some reason his total lack of discretion does. No reason for it, really. Anyway, Kate's not all that intrigued by the wacky Wolfram & Hart shenanigans. She asks Angel why figuring this out is important to him, and he answers, "Because it's important to them." He asks her for help, and Kate finally snaps that she can't help him with anything, because she's "on desk duty pending the hearing on Friday." Apparently the captain Angel beat up last week blames Kate for "granting access" to Angel. Um? Okay, I guess Angel got into the office after hours, and since Angel was there earlier with Kate, they rightly or wrongly assume she let Angel in? I'm not entirely convinced that makes sense, but I'll accept it. Angel says, "He was raising zombie cops and setting them loose on the streets!" Kate chuckles and points out that she probably can't offer that as an explanation. She sorts through more papers and folders as she mutters things like, "I'm a cop, that is all I've ever -- I can't take a suspension, I would just --" Get a whole sentence out, Kate. You can do it. Angel says he's sorry, and Kate manages, "Are you?" She doesn't see Angel look to one side in a way that isn't quite an eye roll, but it's close. She adds, "'Cause they might just want to know about this, too," and pulls out photos of the Wolfram & Hart slaughter at Manners Manor. Angel tells Kate that she had nothing to do with that. She points out that she picked Angel up for making threats at the Wolfram & Hart offices, and then she let him go. Forensics has told her that the suspects were locked in the wine cellar with the victims, so, basically, she's figured out what happened. She bitterly concludes, "And I think I am done helping you now." Off she stomps. I didn't forget about Cordelia's shirt. Be patient.

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